GT: LB Korpse [LVL 53 Tradeslist] 03/09/20

All items on my new list are Level 53 Items and am only looking for level 53 items.
PM me for trades

Level 53 Items I’m looking for:

-Wedding Invitation-2MagsRad
-Hellshock-2MagsRad/ASE 100%
-Carrier-ASE 2 Mags Rad/Shock/Fire/Corr
-Recursion x2-Shock-ASE 2 Mags Rad/Shock/Fire/ Corr
-Elemental Projector Splatter Gun w/ Shotgun DMG Perks
-Spiritual Driver w/ Shotgun DMG Perks
-Scourge-Shock-SNTNL 100% Cryo
-Scourge-Fire-SNTNL 100% Cryo
-Snowdrift Loaded Dice- Luck / Mag Size
-Ice Breaker Victory Rush- SMG DMG/Cryo DMG/ Cryo Eff/ Mag Size
-Any MIRV homing shotgun elements with 130% Digi/100% SNTNL/ASE 100%/ASE Splash.
-Wedding Invitation-Rakk 100%/2magsRad
-One-Shotter Shield-ASE Corrosive/Fire/ Radiation/SNTNL 15%
-Stagecoach (x25)-ASE 100%
-Brainstormer (x14)-ASE 100%
-Hedgehog (x2)-Corrosive/Fire/Shock-ASE 125% Splash
-Mitosis Hunter Seeker-ASE Fire/Shock/Corr/Rad/ Cryo
-MIRV Cluster-F*ck EXPLODER-ASE On Grenade/ Fire/Rad/Shock/Corr/Cryo
-Cloning Hunter Seeker- ASE Shock
-Killswitch Shield-ASE Corr/Fire/Rad/Shock/ SNTNL 15%
-Lump x2-Fire/Cryo/shock-ASE 125% Splash
-Last Stand Otto Idol-Jakobs/Shotgun Rolls
-Last Stand Victory Rush-Jakobs/Shotgun Rolls
-Last Stand Otto Idol-Heavy Rolls
-Last Stand Victory Rush-Heavy Rolls

Please send me a list of any God Roll Level 53 Artifacts that you have. Looking for many.

My Trades:

I have lots of good lvl 50 Artifacts and class mods including two versions of seein’ Dead with +5 Donnybrook.

I’ll send you the transformer when I jump on tonight.

I appreciate that. Ill have more trades up tonight

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No worries man, we’ve traded enough gear now it doesn’t matter, if you get something I need later I’ll let you know lol.

Sounds good. Take it easy and thanks again

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Updated List

I got wedding invitation for you. I could use the shock and radiation redistributors :slight_smile:

Wait look like someone sent me those already. I’ll still send wedding invitation though

Gonna have to get you back one of these days haha. You the best

All good you’ve definitely given me stuff too :slight_smile:

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Added lots of trades

Bump** Updated List

Online now for trades

List updated

Updated List

I have two cloning hunter seekers level 53 I can send - corrosive and radiation. Maybe send the its piss grenade and/or seen’ dead class mod? Let me know. Thanks GT = Tom dot66. Feel free to PM me your GT.

Sending items over when I get back home. Thanks again

Updated list

Graveward just dropped me a Redundant Brainstormer with SNTNL 100% Cryo so I’ve sent that to ya, could I get that Radiation Redistributor with the same anoint?

Edit: I also just got a MIRV Cluster-F*ck EXPLODER with ASE 50% Corrosive too!
Do you still got one of those Seein’ Dead Coms with +5 Donnybrook, and if so what are the stats?

My GT is xXPakkunXx

Yup I’m down for both.

Seein’ Dead has 28 Splash / 31 SMG DMG / 149 HP Regen

I’ll have to check the other but this is the better of the 2