GT:StoneOrpheus922, stuck on mission 3, looking for peeps to play

as title says, cant protect these generators, if your down to coop on this game feel free to add and send message when you wanna play, mic busted at the minute :frowning:

Build the buildables! I like the ones that have slows, temporal trap and thumper turrets. If you have any item that gives you bonus shards per second, use that. On normal, you’re buildables should be able to do 90% of the work.

Good luck, this is still the only mission on Normal I don’t have gold. I would join, but I am on PS4.

Just a heads up, thumpers don’t have slows in PvE. They do crazy damage (makes the other turrets more than worthless), but they don’t apply a slow.

For the OP: As far as buildables go, you’re going to definitely want to buy the two thumper turrets at the second defense point, and all three thumpers + both temporal traps at the third point. If you’re solo, the game will pretty much play itself at that point.

For PvE in general, buildables are pretty important, especially so on defense missions. Thumper turrets are the only turrets worth buying, as they dwarf the damage output that the other turrets provide. You’ll have to situationally decide between flash traps and temporal traps (infernal traps are worthless). Temporal traps create a sizable area where all enemies are slowed. Flash traps will stun nearby enemies periodically with a blinding pulse, but their real strength comes from completely striping enemies shields on pulse and dealing massive damage to an enemy that was previously shielded (based on shield strength remaining at the time of the pulse). Some enemies, especially Veil Walkers, M.X. Bulwarks, and M.X. Ronin, have very large shields, so having them instantly removed and a good deal of damage dealt to these enemies in addition is very valuable, not to mention the stun. Flash Traps are enough to kill Ronin in one hit, and can drop Veil Walkers and Bulwarks to about half health. This can make The Experiment (Ronin and Bulwaks) and The Saboteur (Veil Walkers), two of the more difficult missions, much easier.

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