Guaranteed way to get 1 Legendary CLASS MOD at Graveward first 10 kills, drops are bugged

So I thought I am crazy or something but looks like there is a point where you simply stop getting good loot after a while if for example you kill graveward like 10 times after that loot starts to get lower and lower quality and legendary class mods do not drop anymore no matter how much you try, so I thought ok what if this is a bug or is intended ? idk but this is what I did, and you can test this also and confirm if works for you.

Tested only on Online Mode/ TVHM / Mayhem 3:

  1. Go to sanctuary > exit main menu > exit to title screen
  2. After you signed in again start game and teleport to Eden 6 Floating Tomb
  3. Kill Graveward like 10 times simply quit to menu and repeat.
  4. After you get first legendary class mod repeat step 1, do not continue to kill him even if you got the class mod on your first try.

(note sometimes if you are very lucky you can even get 2 or even 3 drop at same time)
(optional: after you get the class mod and if you dont like to go sanctuary method or you have a FAST SSD you can exit the game to desktop and start it again, you dont have to go to sanctuary anymore if you do this instead)

After you got the guaranteed legendary class mod you must go to sanctuary “reset” something bugged in game idk what yet, and repeat the steps.

I did this test for like 3 days 3 to 6 hours, what I did was farm for many hours without changing maps, and farmed many hours with sanctuary reset thingy, the results were always showing a class mod in first 10 kills with sanctuary reset, and no more class mods drop after long sessions of farming without reset, even general legendary loot started to get worse in general.

You can test this yourself by farming 1 hour straight than count your legendary class mods, after do my steps for 1 hour and count them and share results.

(atm I am testing if there is a difference between sanctuary reset and exit game reset will post results maybe today )


i havent had a legendary class mod drop EVER and i’ve been farming on m2 and m3 for a while.

there is a “guaranteed” legendary class mod in you first 10 kill of graveward is random, can be also your first kill can be kill number 10, but if you do the steps I posted you should get the class mod in first 10 kills, staying for too long farming that boss makes loot bugged for some reason. Might appli to other maps also but tested Graveward only

You must have missed the rare hunt week farming. The sky troopers or whatever the name, dropped quite a lot of class mods for me.

Storm troopers drop was awful, this thread is about something else though.

Interesting. I’ll have to test this over the weekend.

I have definitely noticed that after farming for a while it seems like the quantity and quality tend to drop off significantly.

Starting out i will get 3-6 legendary items per graveward kill. They also tend to be significantly better quality (last night in 3-5 runs I got a fire lucian’s, a butcher, fire cutsman, and I am sure there were more that I forget)

After 30 minutes or so of farming I tend to begin to only see 1-3 legendary items and they all begin to be more week items (dictator, handsome jack, etc.)

i tried all sorts of stuff during rare spawn week. the force rangers didn’t drop anything good for me. i don’t think rare spawn week worked for me at all even though i’m 100% sure that I had the hotfix. boss week worked fine though.

Yep as I said something is bugged with the loot quality drop rate after you farm for longer periods of time on same boss.

The most affected item is legendary class mod which will simple stop completely to drop after a while, there is some factor that determines this I cant really explain it but my method works and I am sure of it.

I am 100% sure about the guaranteed class mod on first 10 kills, but I could I say I noticed a more wide variety of legendary items between resets, before not only quality was lowering but I noticed some duplicate items dropping over and over again, like woodblocker for example.