Guardian 4N631 and Clone question

If you give the clone any weapon while you are holding the Guardian, does it boost the damage the clone is doing with the weapon it is firing?

No it doesn’t.

that would be insane :rofl: clone already shreds everything haha

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I know you can’t Double Barrel the Clone a Guadian 4N631 to reap the benefits for a weapon that YOU are swapping to, but I’ve heard that giving the Clone something else while YOU hold the Guadian 4N631 works, and LootLemon seems to indicate so as well, but I haven’t been able to test it myself.

Given the clone doesn’t receive global damage such as your urad and your revolter ( does get its own when its shield depletes), it would be doubtful that the guardian angel boost would apply.

The only things that pass over are action skill damage/aoe + splash from artifacts/class mods and splash aoe / elemental crit from your anointments.

That said, may be worth a wee test, just to be sure :yum:

It wouldn’t surprise me if it didn’t work. Just saying the info is ambiguous.

Clone does not. If clone is holding the guardian angel then clone gets the bonus but you do not.

So it works with swapping, grenades, and… some action skills, but not all?

On LootLemon, it says “Up to +400% Damage (Skills, Grenades, the Guardian’s damage,…)”

Skills in that context only applies to action skills that use your damage formula like Amara’s phase spells, Rakk Attack, and Mantis.

So… with Zane… just the Mantis… nothing else, “skill”-wise?

SNTL too. Because even though it is a summon, it gets Zane’s damage formula.

I guess it’s easier to list the things that don’t get GA.

  1. Clone, unless it is equipped with its own Guardian Angel
  2. IB/AB/IC, unless using Dakka Turret or the spawn grenade anoint
  3. FL4K’s pets, unless they spawn an artifact effect like Electric Banjo

Basically, summons don’t get your GA unless it is with an attack that gets your formula.

So Zane holding the GA while the SNTL is attacking enemies will boost the SNTL’s damage the further those enemies are from Zane?


For standard game content, using sntnl, revolter along with urad or terror cryo and holding the guardian angel you can sit back and let it kill stuff.

Its considerably slower than doing it yourself though :yum:

I mean, I’m already basically there with the Clone, it’s just nice to have options, and see new synergies.

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Speaking of, has anyone tried the 4N631 and the Hunter-Seeker nade? If not, it’s on my to-do pile.