Guardian Angel and Furious Attack

Does Furious Attack boost the damage of the x5 Guardian Angel damage multiplier. I am running a Peregrine Raak Spam Ghast Call Deathless build and was wondering if points in Furious Attack would boost the grenade damage that is being boosted by GA (IYSWIM).

I am currently putting 5 into Self Repair System, but it seems a waste as I am using a Deathless.

Furious Attack only boosts gun damage and pet damage (and handling of course LOL), but I do not know if the special effect of the Guardian Angel would allow your grenades to get boosted by Furious Attack via the Guardian Angel. I doubt it though.

Obviously have not tested this myself, but it should be pretty easy to test. I don’t think you will be able to test it on the dummy though, because the dummy does not proc Furious Attack IIRC. It’s been a while since I actually used the dummy for a test.

You could always put 3 points into Sic Em for some more pet damage. Sic Em is kind of underrated because attack commands do more damage than most players expect.

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Basically Im wanting to know which build would be best with a deathless…

A) Skill Calculator • Fl4k • BL3 | Lootlemon


B) Skill Calculator • Fl4k • BL3 | Lootlemon

Are you using any weapons or are you just using Rakks to deliver grenades via Peregrine and boosting that via Guardian Angel? I assume the latter, but if you are using any weapons in your build at all, I would go Furious Attack. If you are not using any weapons in your build, I don’t think it matters - you just want to get down the tree.

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Mostly raakspam peregrine, but may keep a few weapons to hand. It’s a semi-terror build so they will either be terror weapons or urad. This makes me think I’ll lean towards Furious Attack as it also boosts pet damage… I’m not seeing the point of SRS as I am at 1HP, and I don’t really use the attack command.

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I would agree with your analysis. If you have even a chance of using weapons other than your grenade, I would take Furious Attack. It is a noticeable Tier 1 boost and is conditional, but the condition is almost always met.

Just from personal experience, there are times that I have found ETI and Head Count appear to conflict in their resetting of the cooldown timer, or there appears to me to be some circumstances where, when I have both HC and ETI spec’ed, it seems like I get some weird cooldown results from time to time. I am not 100% certain about that, but just my recollection. Something to pay attention to and I thought I would point it out.

You probably still want to take ETI, but if you wanted to make sure you get the most consistent results, spec out of ETI, put 3/3 in HC, use a Reflux to proc cooldowns via HC, and pay attention to whether your cooldown is any better or worse with ETI than it is without it.

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