Guardian Angel + Lightspeed = Billion Damage Easily Fl4k Build

Heya Buddies, since Guardian Angel got added to the game of course I wanted to give it a shot immediately, after some trail and error I decided to combine it with a bunch of new items from the Raid Boss, Hemovorous the Invincible, Director’s Cut DLC and I was immediately impressed. Guardian Angel allowed my previous Peregrine + Lightspeed build to deal more damage then I thought possible. Dealing easily Billions of damage to the raid boss let alone regular enemies.

Click Here for a Video Showcase & Explanation:

I run a Elemental Projector Deathless to trigger the Urad and to have a on demand damage increase with a nasty combo I thought of using the Sellout. The Sellout as most people know is great for lighting yourself on fire but if you activate the Re-Voulter shield ability you can easily apply a Shock dot on yourself to boost your Lightspeed damage by a Sh*t-Ton. That is how I was able to destroy the raid boss so fast.

We are using a Shock Lightspeed Grenade with the Re-Voulter Shield with ASS Anointment so we can get the bonus shock damage. This allows us to deal exponential amounts of damage with our Guardian Angel gun w/ Urad Anointment. Since this is a peregrine based build we have our grenade have the Action Skill Active bonus damage anointment of course to deal even more damage.

With all of that combined you are getting:Re-voulter Damage + Guardian Angel Distance Damage + Urad Damage + Elemental Projector Damage + Crit Damage * Crit Multiplayer and that pretty much just molly mops any enemy. You can also add the extra elemental damage you get from the scorcher Spiderant.

Its Crazy Op and I would love for you guys to try it as well. Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

Feel free to add any tips you think will help another player in the comments, you will probably help a fellow vault hunter out & strengthen us as a community.


That’s nuts! Nice build!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Gonna have to run gtd to get a shock lightspeed and try this.

Also interested if this build would be compatible with the ghast call (using a facepuncher to apply terror to increase the ghast call damage (maybe use the sellout to apply a corrosive dot)

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Honestly I don’t see why not, I have had ton of success with the sellout + peregrine and ghast call if you just combine all that with the guardian angel I don’t see why you couldn’t get similar or better results.

Damn now I gotta go try this lol. Thanks buddy

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works well (aside from my very poor gamesmanship :rofl: )


Well won’t cha look at that. The damage is great with this build as well. It seems like this gun is just bonkers in general. Good video I’ll be honest I love your voice. Try to put some gameplay in the beginning it will help show the build off for viewers who just clicked on the video as opposed to waiting near the end. Just a small suggestion :slight_smile:

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Appreciated. I’m currently just recording and editing on the ps4. My PC isn’t up to recording from the ps4, so it’s all a bit amateurish.

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Nah your good I get it

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This is the laziest, craziest, coolest build I’ve ever done on fl4k, and I’m not even using the elemental projector deathless ( lol mine has awful passives). It’s so fun, I just have to get a full set of light speed now XD


Hell yeah I’m glad the build worked out buddy