Guardian Breach is the worst thing I’ve ever played

Seriously, who thought this would be entertaining? It’s the dullest designed map I’ve ever played in an FPS. Repetitive fights throughout the map. Laughable jump puzzles. Dull, tanked bosses. Scourge and Anathema are boring as hell.

Basically it’s a poor Destiny meets Borderlands hybrid that has none of the elements that make either game fun to play. For this to even be half way decent it needs a huge reboot, which will obviously never happen since now the focus is on pumping out banality like Arms Race. What happened GearBox?
You can make great stuff, but Guardian Breach is just bad.


I might be a masochist buuuuut I kinda like it. The frustration is refreshing compared to the absolute snorefest that is the other content in the game (snorefest as in too easy).

I’ve gotten pretty good at jumping…so there’s that.


I liked it at first… Then crystal part happened :joy:

Pretty much gave up ever playing past that… And seeing the loot isn’t even worth it…

I like that not everything turns into a red or yellow mist when I look at things funny… But that’s about it… Rest of the game is to easy and GTD is just broken/not fun because stupid mechanics

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Everything there is annoying. Platforming, bullet-sponge mobs, crystals, etc, and the rewards were super lame and probably still are after changes to buff that loot a little bit.

Maybe it’s not bad in cooperative mode. But this is a problem that whole series had since very first game (Mad Mel), and continued in BL2/TPS, and wasn’t really solved in BL3, among many other issues.


maybe the ■■■■■■■ problem is that … you know gear and anoints are too strong hah not that whole game is bad and takedown is gut because every guardain and mantakore has same HP as main story boss could it be something crazy like that?

one can only wonder :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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There’s not a lot you can really do in this game to make things more difficult beyond bumping up hp and damage, and that’s really how it goes for a lot of FPS games. The most skill involved is just hitting crits, there’s no fancy dodging to do or performing properly times attacks, it’s just shoot them and don’t get killed


Have to agree with you there. I hated it to begin with, but with a top tier build the combat is doable and the more I do the platforms the better I get. Still a bit clenchy at times though :rofl:

My biggest gripe is the lack of reliably decent loot at the end. Should have a loot room or multiple chests after the final boss.


Yeah but why did they increase enemy health… And then increase the damage you can do with it :joy:

The difficulty scaling is ■■■■, or rather non existing :disappointed:

I rather enjoy the Anethema and Scourge fights. Much better implemented immune phases than the rest of the game’s bosses.

But, yea, the rest of that takedown can go take a long walk off of a short pier.


Watched those on yt :sweat_smile:

Looked like fun fights (also liked the valkyrie squad and wotan)

Allas did they screw up with the unnecessary crystal BS…

The jumping thing… It has to much of an impact for something that can go wrong so easily

Tweeking enemy AI/giving them new abilities is also a way to increase difficulty. In the case of say, the maliwan enemies, in TVHM they could of made the shield guys hold up their shield more often and dash around the map to get to you faster or to dash towards one of their buddies to defend them. The heavies could of had armor/shields around their huge crit spot that needs to be destoryed first with corrosive/shock damage, the NOGs could deploy multiple drones at once and prioritize healing baddass enemies, the robot dogs could be hyper aggressive, kinda like rabid skags, the gundam looking robots could occasionally block your shots with a force field and strafe around more often, and the regular maliwan guys could huddle up around the badasses and occasionally deploy bubble shields or something to force you to come to them. Increasing HP is just the easiest/laziest option. It also comes with the obvious side effect of making everything that doesn’t directly increase your damage less useful at best, and useless at worst, the latter of which is where we’re at now.


Only thing i don’t like, on solo that is, are the crystal charging parts, soooo boring, it takes ages going from crystal to crystal killing infinite respawning enemies.

Only content i have not completed in the game yet, quest is still there, bugging me lol.


The ONLY reason I don’t mind it NOW, is because my Double Barrel clone build is finally strong enough to draw the endless enemies away from those stupid crystals long enough for me to charge them. This shouldn’t be necessary, especially on solo takedown, but here we are.

I don’t mind platforming, even in FPSs, but it has to be done well, and that’s hard to accomplish in a first person perspective. That said, the platforming in BL3, and ESPECIALLY in the Guardian Takedown, is crap. Grabbing/vaulting ledges is unreasonably inconsistent, and even when you can manage to time it right (trying to grab an INVISIBLE platform, no less), the animation doesn’t track with the movement of the platform, so if you jump and grab too close to one side, it’ll keep moving and you’ll vault yourself onto… nothing, then fall to your death.

I don’t think the bosses are more or less interesting than any of the others in BL3. Several life bars, several immunity stages, several OHKO moves. How fresh and unique. I don’t buy that apologistic, unimaginative excuse that increasing health and damage is the only way to increase difficulty in FPSs. Moving/cycling weak points (I know there’s crit spots, but 95% of the time it’s just “shoot the head”, and the other 5% is just robots and stuff that don’t have heads), rotating health bars (you start using shock, they switch to armor, start using corrosive, they switch to HP, etc), environmental weapons (shoot this thing on the ceiling so it falls on them to hurt/stun), and that’s just off the top of my head.


It sucks. Plain and simple.
I went through multiple states with this Takedown.

On release : “Damn, difficulty is a bit overtuned. And 300/90 got nerfed to the ground. No biggie though, I’ll just rebuild and adapt. Oh, and bring my Consec Hits 1% monarchs cause you hit like a wet noodle without those”.

After takedown nerf : “Much better. But that’s still a pain to farm and rewards aren’t even that good”.

After trying to farm a x6 Globetrotter with decent anoint, only to get world drops again and again : "Welp, this takedown can suck it :slight_smile: "

Takes more or less 20 mins of your time and you’re not even sure you’ll get a dedicated drop from Scourge. Meanwhile, on Maliwan Takedown : you get a butt ton of dedicated loot now when you kill valks and Wotan, takes 10 mins average to complete, and no platforming memes.

So yeah, I just trade for Smogs/Globetrottr/Stingers when I need them, but I usually stay away from Guardian Takedown.


I don’t get why gearbox figured immunity stages are a fun mechanic in boss fights, it’s just pointlessly slowing down the fight


They really should stop using immunity phazes SO much. Perhaps one or two and not on so many bosses. There are other eayd to spoce up the battle, such as changing attack patters after a set amount of damage, increasing the boss’s durability on some points, periodical releases of weakpoints etc. They rely on immunity phases to much on this game. Granted, the two alien bosses are spiced up, especially the secon one, but still, that many immunity phazes are painfull. And the platforming on the first boss is ■■■■. I died bc I slipped when I landed on another mini platform! I s l i p p e d! And then back to the canon fodder, the crystals, more canon fodder and platforming, just to get to the ■■■■■■■ boss. I get that it’s a challenge, but it is more frustrating, than rewarding to get past it. It wouldn’t hurt anyone to add a couple checkpoints here and there. Jeez who made this ■■■■? Fromsoft or GB?

From soft would make it good tho as dark souls boss fights are glorious

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Agree, it’s awful. I finally found a Flak pet build that was strong enough to solo and get through the crystals.

And then the jump puzzles. The ones before the Anathema fight are fine, if you fall no harm done, just try again. But the ones over pits…no. You mess up, you fall, you die, and you’re all the way back to the last checkpoint. Who thought that was fun? Who thought Borderlands players want jump puzzles? Didn’t they ridicule that idea in one of the Assault on Dragon’s Keep missions?


Whole different team :wink:
Hence why the game feels so different from the predecessors

I’m curios to see how the PC modding community will address this. I liken it to the timed missions in BL2. Someone made a modification to eliminate timers for those. I imagine someone will shorten the Crystal charging times & immunity faces not locked to character animations and boss fight phase transitions.