Guardian Breach is the worst thing I’ve ever played

About time GBX bites the damn bullet and releases the SDK and let the community do the balancing and tweaking.

If anything it’s a way to increase the workforce without actual doing so. Features common in the BL2 & TPS UCP have been adopted in the actual games, and I would expect any well thought out and practical/ popular changes will be adopted in actual patches and future game development.


Yes indeed they are in many ways. I’m just talking about the checkpoints.

I played torchlight 2 for years, first character I played without any game changing mods (just some UI stuff)

Then installed the synergy mod which made the game even better :rofl:

I never felt the need to use mods that made me OP or where just broken.

BL3 would really benefit from such mods. The game is there… But it really needs help from people who know what the game needs instead of what we have now (half baked attempts at keeping the game alive)

Well that help is definitely on the way. Quality of Life changes are definitely a plus, and bug fixes in how certain things are balanced.

As a business if you have the choice of paying someone to sleuth the problems and engineer fixes, or have that labor done by volunteers who are personally invested in the product, I’m guessing the latter is preferable because the payroll can be spent on other endeavors you can not monetize through volunteer contributions, like future DLC or other titles or content there is less voluntary support for.

My least favorite part is the Anathema fight. Overall it is very repetitive and boring, and the radioactive bubbles are incredibly lame. I can get through it pretty easy with my Fl4k build, but Moze always winds up dying right when I’m about to take the boss out. I like the Final Boss fight a lot. It’s fun.

One thing I absolutely hate is all the jump puzzles. So
contrary to the Borderland experience and feels very forced to make the event challenging. Borderlands is about combat from my experience with the franchise, not cheesy jump puzzles.

The rest of it, about 80% leading up to the final Boss fight is really damn dull. Lots of dead time and repetition. Loot is quite poor too overall. You should get top loot drops as a reward for sticking with this half baked activity, not loot drops you got a year ago when you were just playing the Base game.


onyl decent reward is skin you unlock after beating it one time (aka the galaxy skin) doesnt tell you that you unlock it but you unlock it after beating it one time thats only appeal i think for me.

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Just killed Anathema- got literally all base game loot. Really wish GearBox would make this Takedown better.
It needs a lot of TLC.

@emeryx For certain, when you complete the GTD you do not receive enough loot or high enough quality loot to compensate for the time it takes to finish.

Anathema needs a much, much higher chance to drop designated drops and M6 exclusives. Like it should be guaranteed to drop all the dedicated drops and at least 1-2 M6 exclusives. And Scourge’s designated drops should all be guaranteed drops as well, along with any other world drops you might receive. At least that way it might be more worth slogging through the GTD.


Scourge should have a loot room after beating it, or at the very least a line of chests that spawn in up on its ledge…


challenging is always welcome, but almost i died when using jump pad and stuck in stone
not enjoyable

and reward item is not good
then why should I do it?

you can get stronger equipment just by tipping.

No doubt about that. Lots of great points all through this thread. Its frusterating because this thing has potential but gearbox clearly doesnt care and thats what hurts.

Well, apparently there’s a new bug. When you disable the “broken hearts event” in the menu so the frame rate won’t drop in Guardian Breach, no exclusive loot drops when you kill the final boss.

This also happened to me when I killed Anathema in an earlier game- though I did get one exclusive item for killing the boss. So maybe it fluctuates between the two bosses. Don’t know, except this really sucks.

It’s now all base game loot that you’ve collected thousands of times before.

So completing the toughest activity in the game has no exclusive rewards. SMH.

Why GearBox, Why? At least make killing the final boss rewarding. I don’t get it.

I can confirm that this is not true. I got a globetrotter on my last true Guardian run after disabling the hearts event.


Great! Maybe I just had bad RNG.

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@emeryx Since one of the patches a while back, you are supposed to be guaranteed at least one dedicated drop from both Anathema and Scourge. Supposedly. But before that patch/hotfix, you were not guaranteed that you would receive any of the dedicated drops. Can’t tell you how many times I have killed Anathema and gotten zero of its dedicated drops - prior to that patch/hotfix. Most times, I get either 1 or 2 dedicated drops from each of Scourge and Anathema.

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That must have been terrible. I think I just had some bad luck. I just got two shields from Anathema.

Great points. Scourge has a poor loot pool. Anathema too. That’s just a fact.