Guardian Breach M10 weapons to trade

I have to trade;

Monarchs, 8x, CH, Cryo, Corrosive, Rad and Shock
Monarch, 8x, 300/90 , no element

Plaguebearer Launcher, 300/90, shock

Backburner Launcher, Cryo, After Phasecast, Status Effect Chance +50

Many Recursions, ask for your flavor.

Double Downer shield, ASE +50 corrosive

Artifacts, Cutpurse Launch Pad, +20 Heavy, +43 FFYL. +33 Irradiate

Cutpurse Otto Idol, +40 Incendiary, +2719 Health - - Restores +20%Max health on kill.
Cutpurse Rocket Boats
Cutpurse Safeguard

Ice Breaker Victory Rush, +50 FFYLtime, +33 electro chance, +20 Incdndiary dam
Ice Breaker Victory Rush, +50 mag size, =34 fire resist, -33 shield recharge delay

 Snowdrift Victory Rush, +20 SMG, +20 fire, +50 mag size
  Snowdrift Otto Idol
  Snowdrift Deathless, +20 ASS, +20 Rad, +29 weap accuracy

I am looking for Monarchs, 8x, 50/150 all elements
Monarch, 8x, fire, CH
Monarchs, 8x elemental with +100 ASE
New Takedown weapons

I am conch8 on xbox.


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I have a x8 corrosive monarch with the gamma annoitment, shock globtrottr 300/90 new takedown laucher, nuclear web slinger 75% weapon damage to named and bosses,new takedown ar. Let me know if any of those are good for you

Hey, buddyroe! I would love all those…lol. Anything I have is yours, you know that.
Fish is Tops

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Thanks buddy :blush: means alot.
I’d like those three monarchs you listed at the top of your post. Ch, corrosive and cryo if that’s cool with you.

I will get them to you shortly… Sent all four. :sunglasses:

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Thanks dude. I’ll get yours over shortly aswell :slight_smile:
Let me know if there’s any else I can do for you anytime

Back atcha, you are the real coolee!

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I have an 8x monarch with elemental ASE shock 100.

I’m interested in the 300/90 Monarch or a shock fire recursion with either radiation ASE 130 or any ASE with 100 damage.

I will gladly send you the 8x Monarch 300/90 for your 8x with ase +100 shock. Just need your GT and I will send it.
I am conch8