Guardian Perks & Anointments Still Available During New Playthrough

I started a new playthrough yesterday. And immediately, all the Guardian Perks were enabled.
I tested it by using Jump/Slam right after Claptrap gives you the Echo device.
Fair enough, they can be manually (one-by-one) disabled.

And then…

After getting to Sanctuary, I stopped off at Crazy Earls Shop in search of a Q-System, and was dismayed to find that all the weapons were anointed.

Also, the Black Market Vendor, their items are all anointed.

Anointments should be completely disabled until normal mode has been beaten.
They should be disabled if MM is not enabled.


Guardian perks have always been player- rather than character-based, just like BAR in BL2/TPS. Does the enable/disable turn the whole thing off? That should be doable on a per-character basis (as well as being able to turn individual perks on/off).


Some people talk about Normal Mode sub-level cap as a throw away experience so from that perspective the state of sub 72 gear is only a concern in Arms Race, from that certain perspective.

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And you can just NOT use anointments… Minor inconvenience.

Not really, in the case of the Q-System, and other items from Earl’s Machine

During normal playthrough, I would grab one of those as soon as I could.
Now they are All anointed.

Same with the re-roll machine, that too should only be enabled with MM.

What about people who may actually not want to play Mayhem, but would like to use anointments?

You could make a case for non-mayhem anointments being exclusive to TVHM, but that would force those players to replay the campaign when they may prefer not to.

Most anointed gear I find has comparable stats to non-anointed equivalents so often I will use them without building towards the anointment.

At this point only the Nova anointment penalizes the player (barrell trolling yourself). And you can reroll to shed that of need be.

I think that probably justifies their choice. Outside of general principle, the impact is minimal. The biggest perk is the higher selling value of you are farming money for SDUs.

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Normal mode is easy enough without the anointments. That’s my issue. Having access to them upon getting to sanctuary (roughly level 10) makes the game far, far too easy.

No need to reply TVHM, if they are unlocked when enabling MM.
This only happens after beating Tyreen.

What I meant was this:

A possible solution could be locking Anointments during the campaign to TVHM, Mayhem Mode or not, but only with Mayhem enabled Normal mode.

Ah, yes. That’s what I suggested. As it stands there’s barely a challenge.

I’ve gone back to BL2 (reborn). Even vanilla BL2 there is a better sense of progress and challenge, especially with TVHM.

BL3 may have better graphics, gunplay and various QOL improvements. But, for me, that’s where the benefits end.


Enemy Spawns usually dictates the challenge level im both games. The size of the mobs and the number of Frustrating enemies among them.

They toned down the evasiveness and aggression of most enemy types other than Infected ones, but the armoured and anointed types, when in multiples, presents more of a challenge. If they had a spawn multiplier option I feel that’s all the game would need (in addition to splitting Mayhem’s difficulty slider & modifier slider to be independent).

Replayability and how to create the culture of it as part of the new player experience is definitely something that needs work. The various iterations of it over time have certainly always been improvements with MUCH requested features (quest reset FTW)

Couple to that the overleveling system (now mayhem mode) and the endgame of the most current iteration of borderlands is very convoluted.

The thread is a signpost that the WHOLE endgame needs iterative work and a new cohesive vision to pull it all together.

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I think it’s impossible to address most of the issues people have with the lack of difficulty of the game, which I find ironic given how many people complain about immunity phases, bullet reflection on anointed and militants, nerfs, some bosses being bullet sponges, and power creep.

What might have worked a little better, or gone over better would have been the following sequence of updates:

Completing NVHM Campaign unlocks Mayhem Mode with Modifiers only (none of the independent boosts). It also boosts the level cap on Side and DLC missions so they scale with your character.

Completing NVHM Campaign still unlocks True Vault Hunter Mode. TVHM provides level and difficulty scaling and includes access to the aforementioned optional Mayhem Modifiers, but none of the independent boosts.

Completing TVHM unlocks Guardian Rank and Mayhem Mode with Modifiers and Boosts as endgame, which is applied as a multiplicative boost to the enemy HP in the Vault Hunter Mode they are applied to. So if TVHM is set to be 2x NVHM, then Mayhem Mode HP Boosts would also be modified by that same multiplier.

Immunity stages are a waste of time… (troy, dark lilith or promethea vault monster)

And can think of only 1 place where they did it right… GTD, Allas that sucks due to platforming and crystal stages… Oh and it’s not rewarding at all…

Same thing with anointed… Can’t damage them half the time because of some stupid crap they thought would make them difficult…

Most ■■■■ they pulled to increase difficulty was a total waste of time or just anoying AF…

And bulletsponges aren’t difficult… They’re time-consuming and again, anoying…


So outside of speeding up enemy animations, how would do you make enemies harder to kill, and more deadly? The AI already makes use of corner and flanking. They don’t backpedal as well as the Marauders in BL2 (which was just pure evil in FFYL) and the cars aren’t as aggressive in running you down. But outside of that, what exactly would make the game more difficult that hasn’t already been implemented and overcome by the balancing of certain gear and skills offsetting HP values for enemies?

The only positive to immunity stages that I can see is a chance to circle the area and grab whatever health/ammo you may happen to need. But how many people do that apart from super ultimate badass supreme bullet sponge boss fights?

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I’m willing to admit - I did it quite a few times, starting as early as Mouthpiece, then with Ravager, Aurelia, Troy, Jackbot and I’m sure I forgot some… Especially on first playthrough, when you a) are a bit squishy and b) have no clue. Immunity starts - be on lookout for health and ammo :slight_smile:

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Like i said, MTD and GTD are how they should do boss fights :wink:

Those are a blast! (though the crystal thing is pretty time consuming and the platforming pretty harsh if you miss even a single jump)

Or Tyreen is also not really a bad fight (some parts from that fight are still pretty redundant)

The true trials where kinda fun… But it was weird steamrolling everything up to the boss and then just empty your mags on an easy fight :wink:

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Imagine if they removed the Ammo Vendors before bosses. Suddenly immunity phases would become GOLDEN.

So, rather than an easy to recognize immunity phase, just masking it with fight mechanic that makes the boss immune that’s less obvious? That would be my critique of the Scourge, and Tyreen fights.

Anathema is more to my liking because it is more along the lines of the Empowered Scholar fight. The mechanics of the platforming in that fight was unexpected and the way it was staged and animated was a throwback to games like Dragon Quest and the original (ancient by today’s standards) Prince of Persia (1980-90s).

Having something exciting to do other than shooting at the boss does make the game more intense, at least to me. Using that as a way to extend a boss fight eliminates the need for an obvious immunity phase. Wotan’s arenas with the platforms made it feel more like fight EOS and Eclipse in the Claptastic Voyage in some ways. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Empowered Scholar boss fight is my favorite in the entire series.

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Another example is the miniboss and boss fight on Bloody Harvest’s Heck map.

My critique of the Haunt fight is that it’s pretty much the same as Troy’s, where we have to target a handful of spawn points to trigger ending the phase. I prefer to have to manically run around.