Guardian points explained

I want to know more about Guardian Points, Specifically about when i can move over to the right side to spend 10 tokens or more.

You should get points for each row :wink:

Just mix them around they cap at 15% so the higher they stack the less you get.

Whenever you get a point, you can send it in any tree you like. There is no requirement to ‘finish’ one tree first.

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The guardian perks shown on the right unlock after spending that amount of points in the respective tree

I pretty much know all that. thank you.
But i am at level 390 and the right hand items won’t turn Green to let me purchase them.

How many points did you spend in the respective columns?

Like Tramonto said, how many points have you spent in that particular tree?

Also, what platform are you on (PS, PC, XBox…)?

Thanks. I spent 116, 124, and 136 respectively. I have also got 15 tokens unassigned. I am on Xbox One.

Did you try toggling the GR perks off and on again? There should be a global on/off button for that.

Yes I have tried toggling GR perks on and off to no avail. I will try it again and leave it on longer. Thanks.

You could also try a power reset on the console, just in case some stale data is blocking it. Otherwise, not sure what to suggest. You can always try filing a support ticket to see if they have any info on this.

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You should be able to individually toggle each of the perks in that column on/off. If you’ve already spent 125 points in Hunter there’s no reason why those skills wouldn’t be unlocked.

Thanks for your email. I am still unable to use anything on the r/h side. Why do you mention 125 points? I’m not sure if the game is at fault or it’s my stupidity. Lol. Kind Regards Steve. (sirdavidshire).

125 points should unlock all the tiles in the tree :wink:

This might sound weird, have you tried pushing the tiles? You can dis/enable them (appart from the cosmetic ones I think haha)

I’m on PC and I had to use my controller to enable the new ones for some odd reason they didn’t enable themselves when I unlocked them. So could be you just have to enable them :sweat_smile:

What would REALLY help is a picture of your Guardian Ranks screen - I still have very little idea what the nature of a problem is after several posts.