Guardian Points...?

I’m struggling to understand why they messed with balancing Guardian points? I earned them, why am I being forced to spend on things I don’t want to. Vehicle damage?? Really? I just try to spend them now on the least worst option.

Why? Why??? If I’m not choosing to spend them on something, I obviously don’t want too. Why ??? force people to spend on crap they don’t want???

Ama right ???


i would prefer a system where you can spend the points individually for each character

like, you can share the points but each character can allocate them for themselves


I respect opinions I disagree with, but hope this thread and any similar notions will be ignored by the developers. The system isn’t perfect, but these ideas are worse.

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@sportster. If you savequit the choices on which to spend points changes. :+1:


do you have any argument of why the current system is any good?
because noone complained in bl2? believe me, they did

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While I agree vehicle damage is useless (and shield recharge delay/rate for Deathless moze builds), the system doesn’t force anyone to put a point in something they don’t want to.

Like @whatevercb said, there are ways around it.

At a certain point each guardian rank gives you a trivial % boost. As unpopular as this may sound, the game “forcing” someone to put 0.85% into X (X = one you refuse to choose) will invariably provide greater bonuses than the measly 0.01% we get at the higher ranks.

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i would personally want a system where you can respec and also allocate for different characters
i might have “good” stats for my moze, although i did spec into shield recharge because i didnt know that i will play bloodletter back then xD
but how does that help my amara? XD maybe i want to play her melee some day? i obviously never put a single point of melee in there

i think its very obvious that this system is not supposed to actually “matter” but just give people some reward for unsuccessfully farming for days or weeks

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I few patches back they rebalanced how you choose. They explicitly put more weight on ones you don’t choose. Eventually you you keep seeing ones you simply don’t want or need. Especially frustrating trying to move down to get perks.

I will try the above recommendation.

At the end of the day it’s not really a big deal. It is a perplexing change by GBX. One I can’t figure out , and one that was made with no explanation. It simply makes the game less fun, without any benefit. At least none I can think of.


I have no issue with it previous games. Seemed to work ok.

Good points. But I’ll take any help I can get :slight_smile: I’ve died seconds from killing Wotan. The extra 2% might have made a difference.


ofc its helping, but imagine you could allocate them perfectly for each of your characters and also respec when you change your build

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The weighted choices on guardian tokens leads to skills having a higher likelyhood of being balanced. Which for Survivor and Hunter columns I like.

However for enforcer increasing melee or vehicle damage is near useless. It has been frustrating so far. but I had completely forgotten about doing a quit with no save to have the random choices change. so far in bl3 it was not needed so much. now i can get back to putting points into enforcer since i got tired of the choices.

I think everything caps out at 15% right now anyhow so you’re right in that in the end it doesnt matter a whole hell of a lot. But I must ask for clarification on what you mean with this statement;

Because BL2’s badass ranks were very, very heavily tuned to pick the ones you never picked, especially in comparison with BL3’s Guardian Ranks. My highest three in this game are each at 13.22%, and I still see them regularly. BL2, on the other hand, I always had to dump 1-2 ranks before getting another I liked.

On that note, where the clusterf*ck is my elemental damage and elemental chance in the Guardian Ranks? Was bummed this wasn’t put into BL3

I was asking about this when that hotfix dropped. I haven’t spent any guardian tokens since.

Sure, some of us will eventually get all of them maxed out at 15%. But until then it’d be better if they were randomized. Maybe put a lower chance on ones that are already maxed, or at least close.

If this is just the way it’s going to be. I’ll keep saving up those points until i can just max everything all at once. If i ever get to that point.