Guardian Rank and Bank reset lvls , all skins, trinkets and loot on bank lost , why?

when starting the game it was asked if the game would have been started on another computer because there would have been an error in the cloud sava, it didn’t happen, I answered no and closed the game, when opening again apparently everything was normal, but I realized that the levels of bank and guardian rank have been reset, all items in the bank are gone, my skins, heads and tinkets too.
The guardian rank statuses still seem to be active, but they may be buggy, I don’t know

Sounds like your profile.sav file got over-written or corrupted. You may be able to recover it if you had Windows incremental backups enabled on the game saves folder, of if you had your own backup system in place. You can also check to see if there’s a *.tmp or *.bak version of the profile.sav file; if there is, you could backup the current one, then make a copy of the tmp/bak version and rename it.

As to why the file might have been affected in the first place: if your game crashed while updating the file, it could obviously have been corrupted then.

I would also be tempted to check that there is nothing up with your platform account (Epic or Steam?) - the fact that the system asked if you had played on a different computer makes it sound like either the cloud sync didn’t work after your previous session (maybe you shutdown before the update could be completed), or someone else has used your account.