Guardian Rank and Builds Question

Does anyone know if guardian rank stats interfere with other skill mechanics (like the 1hp from deathless or the rough rider shield)?

I haven’t been able to find an answer to this question anywhere. And I think it would be pretty good information to know.

What do you mean by interfere.Conflict with them or benefit them.Because I’m pretty sure its only benefit atleast for now.We had problems with Hollow Point but GBX fixed that pretty fast.

I mean conflict. I know they fixed hollow point. I was more concerned with the stats on the side and if they have the potential to have negative affects on certain builds.

If the stats increase the health of the deathless mod, that’s less damage. If I have a build that relies on a low shield, I would basically be locked into needing a rough rider.

I just remember there being issues with this in B2.

Yeah , BL2 def had issues with rider.But not anymore I believe.There were some problems with riders effects count shield as depleted or full but thats not because ranks I believe.But all in all , no not in deathless mod.

That’s good enough for me, thanks.

Last I heard, Hollow Point allegedly can still hurt the character using it, which can be bad for certain builds/play styles.

And there’s a perk that starts recharging your shield on kills, which could interfere with builds that run on depleted shields.

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Thanks. That’s good to know. I’ve been completely avoiding the middle tree, but I accidentally put a point into max health last night (it’s only 1 point but still). I would honestly rather not even have guardian rank at this point.