Guardian Rank broken?

Just wondering if anyone else feels the guardian rank is broken. My main attribute is luck and with a bit over 14% and lucky dice artifact I don’t get anything worthwhile. Started a fresh character to see if there was going to be an advantage now since I have a good rank, but again don’t notice anything (damage, shield, luck…so on). Maybe it’s just me, but in BL2 I noticed the difference of rank starting new characters.

  1. There is no official info about what the luck stat actually does. For example, a similar effect in BL2 only affected your chances to get a blue drop. It never affected the chances to get anything purple or orange. It’s entirely possible that like in BL2, this is just a noob trap. You know, like how we have a “vehicle damage” guardian stat. Entirely useless.

  2. Even if it does affect legendaries, and even if it’s a linear “15% more legendaries” (which is not necessarily the case, as the formula for drop rates could be arbitrarily complex), after all the drop rate nerfs, the overall sample size during the normal playthrough is so pathetic that to verify a 15% difference you would have to complete the game several hundreds of times (both before and after taking the guardian ranks, while carefully recording your drop rates) to be at least somewhat sure that the skill actually does something.

Like, if during one playthrough you got 2 non-scripted legendaries, and during the second one you got 1, it could mean pretty much anything, including “your drop rates increased, but you got unlucky”, “your drop rates decreased” and “there is no change whatsoever, this is just variance.”