Guardian rank cap needs to come off

the cap is dumb and the reasons i saw in previous posts have no real weight for the cap to exist…its better if the cap gets removed…to quote some old posts

“Because a lot of people would use BAR to ruin others co-op play in open lobbies. People would modify BAR and come in and just wreck everything so no one else could enjoy it.”

capping the guardian rank doesn’t really solve this issue in the long run cause then you’ll just get modders to remove the cap anyway and then the ruining will begin…not like any1 plays multiplayer right now anyway due to the poor matchmaker and extreme lag issues that can be present

plus gearbox not keeping its word kinda needs to stop…they are really ruining their playerbase with their poor choices…what they advertise needs to happen otherwize they run the risk of a false advertising lawsuit from angry players or even people with ill intent against gearbox

long story short…keep your word and make the guardian rank progression system infinite as it was promised to be

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You forgot to mention also: too much modded gear!

Edit: Modded gear like those things that shoot a gazillion grenades and bullets that do a bazillion of damage with infinite ammo.


Where does GBX have it written that they promised Guardian Rank Progression as infinite? Don’t get me wrong. I am with you in that I would prefer no cap. But I would like to read what GBX had originally promised before I get all riled up over them making a change (and I am too lazy to go hunt for it myself. :grin:)

they announced at E3 that it would be infinite

and theres been several posts already in the past about the promise of Guardian Ranks supposively being infinite when they are not
several websites also mention this in guides
frankly its not that difficult to find and look up

this is the original post Guardian ranks hard cap that i looked at which prompted me to make this one

Thanks for the info. Like I said, I am lazy (and hate to research). So, now that I am aware of the cap… uh… :angry:

But seriously, I agree that there should not be a cap. And claiming that it was to avoid abuse by experience exploits is just dumb. Plug up the exploit if there still is one, or just ignore it and let people waste their gaming experience if they want to. Or at the worst, let people reset their guardian rank to zero and start over whenever they want. There is no PVP or e-sports, so who cares if someone becomes uber powerful with Guardian Ranks? In the end, it will be their loss if they got there through an exploit instead of earning it the hard way.

I love the badass ranking of BL2. I am currently at around 20+% on all buffs and that is after 2100+ hours playing. So I feel like I have earned the right to be called a badass and have a leg up on my enemies. It is a part of the endgame experience for me. And I certainly have played enough to have had the original experience with little or no buffs. In short, I am perfectly capable of managing my own account, thank you very much.

guardian ranks and skills need not stop existing all together. especially topped off hallow point and ffyl bar reset on shooting enemy


i agree with you 100%

i myself have over 15% in all stats with some being as high as 19% in BL2 after just 800+ hours

quite frankly if gearbox doesn’t remove the cap then modders will and as soon as i find a mod that removes the cap im gonna use it

I think the cap is dumb for a few reasons.

  1. The game itself doesn’t stop you from uselessly wasting points in something even though its basically capped.
  2. It levels so slowly that it feels like you aren’t really earning anything in reality.
  3. It eliminates additional incentive to just go out and kill as much as you can if you aren’t farming any gear.