Guardian rank currently disabled message

Not seeing this info anywhere. On my first character I made I get an “all guardian stats and perks are currently disabled” message and I am wondering why. Specifically, what is the point of them being disabled and what are teh risks in enabling them or reasons to keep them disabled? Thx for any info.

It’s a side-effect from when GBX added the update to allow stats and perks to be turned on and off for each individual character. This required GR stats/status to be stored both globally and in each individual save file. When the change was introduced, the default was effectively ‘disabled’ since no existing save files would have the necessary data until they were updated at the next save trigger.

There are no risks associated with having them enabled/disabled, but obviously it will affect game play the higher the ranks and the more perks you unlock. For testing and time trial purposes, it’s better to turn them off since it reduces the number of factors that have to be accounted for.

That’s about it, really.