Guardian Rank Doesnt Transfer? PS5

Hello, I transferred my PS4 Saves over to the PS5 and noticed my Guardian rank was still zero. They don’t transfer over to the ps5? Also My characters would be missing items such as a classmod, like i have to do story missions over to unlock it.

Thank you

That’s not normal, no.
The guardian ranks are often glitched upon first load. They look gone but on a reload they come back.
If they are truly gone then that’s not good. I did have one item dissappear personally.
But everything should transfer over, items, guardian ranks etc. The only thing consistently not transferring is trophies, though they are supposed to as well.

Dang, I can get my main character to transfer but when I start a new character my rank tells me I have to beat the game before they unlock. I thought the point was to carry through characters just tied to the main account holder. Might wait till it’s patched.

That sounds partially right; as in you cant earn more points until that character finishes the story - if the perks you’ve unlocked arent activating seems a bit off though