Guardian Rank error

Tonight at the end of an online matchmaking game I realized that most of the guardian ranks have been unlocked. The character is level 41 guardian rank and instead comes out that I have 81 of law enforcement officer, 45 of survivor and 182 of hunter. I don’t understand what happened when I only had 40 chips and now I get almost everything unlocked. I would like to return to my 41 points or restart it from 0 since those points I have not achieved

I would hazard a guess that someone in the game was using some piece of gear modded to boost GRs. If you have incremental backups enabled on your computer, you could try rolling the profile.sav file back to an earlier version (although you may need to roll your saves back too, and you’d lose any progress, items, cosmetic items, etc. unlocked/moved in between). Other than that, there’s not really much you can do.

People that download save files from youtubers usually get this bug, not only do you pull in the gear/weapons you also pull in their GR’s PC only