Guardian rank HIGHer then tokens spent / Spent tokens missing

Hi, I know there is a known issue about negative guardian tokens but this is something else I cannot find anyone else flagging.

My Beastmaster got to lvl 50 and Guardian rank 35. I spent all those tokens in the Enforcer tree and prioritized Critical damage when possible.

I then started an Operative and gained 3 Guardian tokens with it. After the first 2 though I noticed that my Guardian rank was 37 but my Enforcer tree was only at 22. I had 0 tokens available also. I also noticed my Critical rank was 0.00%.

I gained the Urban Blammo at rank 35 and it is still available even though its icon is not on sue to only 23 points in Enforcer.

EDIT: Compared to the other known issue, I have never played offline which sounds to be a factor.

So, am I the only person that has reported this?

Yea that sucks. In the same boat. Was starting to think I was the only one as well but…no you’re not the only person to report this HOWEVER we seem to be in the minority for sure which means until more folks experience this, who knows how long it takes to be patched or if ever. I’m going through the same thing except mine is on the far right Hunter tree and I’m missing 7 tokens.

This could just be a coincidence BUT I have a quick question for you. Did you do a circle of slaughter before losing your tokens? The reason I ask this is because I had 11 tokens invested into the Hunter tree before beating the “Slaughterstar 3000”. Upon completing it, I tried to apply my new tokens and THAT is when I saw them missing.

Notice my tokens add up to 47 but my rank is 54. All of my Hunter stats went to +0.00% except for luck. Have NEVER played offline either so this is definitely weird.


I did try the slaughter house around that time but I cannot be certain when which occured first.

Well, took a week for 2K to get back to me as my last fix did not work.

Their new latest info? I would like to inform you that the issue has been resolved as of 9/26/19 PATCH. I humbly request you to update your game and start playing the game as it should solve the issue.

Which was their first response on Sept 27th.

sometimes i will spend a token and see no increase in the thing i selected…not even a decimal place

this seems to usually happen with ones that are already pretty high up there in the 10-15 range…so the higher it go the more often it wont add value…then sometimes if i immediately spend another token on same stat i see something added…so not sure if the higher you go they make it that sometimes the token doesnt count to slow your progression or if its a bug

Did you ever get a fix for this? i’m having the same issue and they just give me the run-around.