Guardian rank hunter tree

I don’t have enough points to really notice a difference yet, but does anyone els think it’s strange that reload speed and recoil reduction are negative? The only other negative one is action skill cool down, which makes sense as less cool down is a good thing.

Surely reduced reload speed implies a longer reload time? Likewise reduced recoil reduction means more recoil?

Has anyone had the opportunity to test this yet?

There have been a couple posts about this. Many of the numbers in the game are messed up. They seem to be performing correctly but are displaying incorrectly…at least for the most part.

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Ah thanks for pointing that out, somehow had missed any previous discussions on this!

Someone explain the tree to me since the game doesnt seem to. I have 25tokens unspent, and already spent enough to reveal the first 3 skills in the blue section of the tree on the right side. when i mouse over the tree it says xx tokens required but when i click on them nothing happens. Yes i have enough to purchase at least the top skill in the tree (a skin). How does it work?

Bottom left is the Option to spend your Tokens, then you have to chose where to spend it .You get 2 Options for every Tree.
When you spend a Point above the Three appeals the Number of Points you already spend at this Tree. When you reach the needed Number the Skill automatically is activated.
At the Beginning i thought i could just buy the Skills :wink:

so the ones in the 3 coloured trees on the right are automatically unlocked as you spend tokens?

You skill things like Firerate, Gundamage , Luck etc. with the Tokens. The Skills are just a Bonus fpr reaching certain amounts of Points.