Guardian Rank Ideas

If you are looking for new additions for the guardian rank system, or replacements for the less popular items like vehicle damage and the FFYL movement/duration.

How about ammo regen - This would be a great addition for classes that have no access to ammo regen and a boost for those who do.

Mag size - We all like a deeper mag so a pool for this would be great to pay into.

What perks would you like to see Vault Hunters?


Id like a bank capacity increase and wouldnt care if it came from a perk or a hotfix.

A perk idea that could be useful would be '100% increased damage to the enemy that downed you while in FFYL.


Nothing that completely replaces moze
She already got her force feedback ripped off by the guardian ranks in a better version


For mag size, the rank increases give you a 1% increase at first, and the increase is slightly less every time afterwards. It would take a big mag and a lot of guardian points to feel the effects.

And yes, I agree with @lolli42, it can’t compete with what a character’s entire skill tree is dedicated to.

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A perk that removes Pippie from Sanctuary 3 or installs a door on your room


Run speed,
Ammo storage/mag size


Increased Action Skill Damage.


They brought back “elemental damage”, so I’d like to see “elemental effect (DoT) chance”, too.

Movement speed and magsize would also be good, though I agree magazine size might need an increased effect.
As for ammo regen, it’d be better to make it as a perk that added ammo regen after a kill or something, so it doesn’t ruin Moze’s uniqueness, but still gives her a boost and adds something to others.

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It’s only starts with 1% with the first stat specced into. The others start with 0.99.

At least that’s what happened in my game. If it wasn’t supposed to then I was screwed over by a glitch and stuck with the results because there is no way to respec guardian tokens.

Do you mean that when you first use a guardian point it gives 1%, and everything that follows decreases from there? If so, that’s what I meant. Couldn’t quite word it, will edit.

No I mean that putting my first 5 tokens in all different stats resulted in one at 1% and the other four at 0.99%.

They might increase at different rates, but I’m not sure. It would make sense though, considering Gun Damage is a but more useful than, say, Vehicle Damage.

I’m pretty sure they all started with 0.99% except the very first one I specced into. (which I believe was either Luck or Action Skill Cooldown Rate)

may sound stupid but weapon skins

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This might be a good spot to put something about self-inflicted splash damage. Either just a plain old resistance to it, or maybe have self-harm increase action skill cooldowns or something. Action skill cooldown automatically reset when entering FFYL? That’d be a big upgrade to my Boom Sickle.

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