Guardian rank kinda sucks

i am at guardian rank 784 and its almost impossible to level it up and the fact that all my stats are capping at 14.99% isnt really that great i was hoping more like badass rank so i can get it really high and speed through my new charachters


They’re working on adding more guardian rank perks.

From the Love Letter post (

In the future, we plan to expand the Guardian Rank system to include additional Perks. We are looking to introduce these new Perks in tandem with the second campaign add-on, but they will not be tied to that content.


much love bro knowladge is wealth

Like Mayhem Mode I feel that the Guardian ranks where a concept they straight up implemented without fully testing and then expanding on. From my view this is why Mayhem mode is about to get its second update. It is an incomplete concept they put in hoping it would stump players long enough for them to expand it.