Guardian Rank On/Off - And End Game

Message from the Hotfix list for today:


We have heard that some of you would like the option to turn off Guardian Rank. We’re currently looking into how that can be achieved and intend to be able to provide more information in the future!

Sorry for writing something that is kinda strong and vocal But this has been bugging me since the game dropped.

Does Randy Varnel and others in charge actually understand the Borderlands community? Did they see what what going on in the forum and the community else where over the last few years with Borderlands 2.

One of the main things that kept the community alive was stuff like speed runs, speed kills, Loot Hunts, people doing streaming etc. In Literally all community stuff BADASS RANKS were turned off leaving people on an even ground. So why the hell wasn’t this put into place from the start? Yes they are the devs and can do what they want, but they should have know during development that stuff like this will be effected in the long term. All the people that kept the community afloat and in the public spotlight should be thanked, and Gearbox should be grateful. I just don’t see how they are.

They had an opportunity to bring this game into a new generation. But evidently nothing has changed apart from the game engine.

It’s the same as the Proving Grounds. Why did they just create mini-maps with no real purpose. They didn’t think clearly how to implement these at all. They just can’t have any community focus with random modifiers and there isn’t even a proper timer. They could have been so good. How hard would it have been to select a Difficulty before entering the course and be given a finish time at the end?

Should we be amazed? No, Bungie did it and so did Ubisoft. Devs just not seeing what the community likes and how they play and not learning at all. Instead they have to back track instead of getting it right first time round.

I seriously hope down the road they see the potential for this game and give everyone from casual players to hardcore fanatics the game we want.

Random Mayhem modifiers will effect certain elements of the online community. Personally i’d like them to implement it in a slightly different and more varied way, with 2 choices -

1 Random - The same various functions they have now but with no positive modifiers. You want much higher rewards, you pay the price. Negative modifiers to guns and elemental should be less brutal.

2 Standard - The same ‘set’ modifiers for everyone who plays these levels. Just effecting enemy Health/Shields/Armour, and enemy do slightly more damage to you (but only marginal). Less loot reward chance than above.

For example: Loot Reward Chance
Mayhem 1 - 100%
Mayhem 2 - 300%
Mayhem 3 - 500%
TVHM +1 - 50%
TVHM +2 - 100%
TVHM +3 - 150%

This would then allow everyone playing the game to have a better choice of how they play, and allow for community events to be held using set difficulty levels (as long as Guardian Ranks are Switched OFF).

This may also encourage people to try harder levels in match making knowing what the difficulty is and be able to use builds and gear they want without having to restart a map or leave a MP game due to modifiers they don’t like. Everyone is talking about build diversity, this would allow it.