Guardian rank opinion

how much guardian rank would players need to effectively solo many of the optional areas found after the main story is cleared (at level 65)

im sitting on rank 115 and farming the slaughterstar 3000 for gaurdian rank (since on just mayhem one clearing that quest gives a massive 800k exp as the final quest reward)

Roughly about 0 Guardian Ranks. You can do any of the content solo effectively. Guardian Ranks do help alot, like alot alot. Possibly even alot alot alot. If using Guardian Ranks, then putting your points in Enforcer will increase damage output and have skills that are about damage. So go down Enforcer first.

if i could change guardian ranks i would make it a fastrr and more impressive way to get from lvl to lvl
so you purchase packs of 5% for the stats to get a biger reward without spending all the time a point for 1 or way less %
it could go down to 2.5% per pack for a stat

you also could have the trees be more aviavable to get to very important things such as doing a slam from a normal jump… its a thing you want to have access to very fast if you want a build, and not waste an eternity to get to

so basically you go down the tree in less steps and in chunks