Guardian rank perks stopped working

My guardian rank perks have stopped working I updated the game and started playing and my character was way weaker and didnt have the health and sheild reset as well as the ability to aim while in fight for your life although all of my points are still there they seem to have no effect


From this latest patch of Maliwan, i have a major problem. When i am “fighting for survive” i just can’t anymore use the ability of aiming given by the green tree special capacity. Seriously, it is a real problem in mahyem 4. Please patch this quick because i just can’t survive in solo’s. Till it is not patch i am quiting your experience.


Crazy amazing skill that I really on to even find enjoyment from my Fl4k and Moze Skills but… On none of my characters it’s working after the update. What’s up with that?

Edit: Going offline didn’t help.

Edit 2: Wait! None of my Guardian Rank Bonuses are working.

Edit 3: Leveling up online did not fix the issue.

Edit 4: Changed title.

Same. Guardian rank skills are dead. Not sure if it applies to the bonus stats from guardian rank or just the skills though. I miss ADS in FFYL already…

gaurdian ranks doesn’t work on ps4 and maybe other platforms

Hi all,

After the patch today while playing Fl4K I noticed that the Megavore (20% crit chance on any body part) perk is no longer working. I went down and put a ton of clips into the test dummy in the shooting range to confirm that I can only crit when shooting an enemy in the head (or respective weak point).

That more or less breaks my entire build. Will try to respec and see if that fixes it. I am unsure if my other perks are not working as well, this was just the first and most obvious to me.


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Yeah I noticed this as well. I tried to respec and it didn’t fix anything. It’s just broken until they decide to fix it I guess. Great.

Well that’s worrisome. Hopefully its something easy they can hotfix quickly :frowning:

I hope so too. This just basically killed my buzz for the update.


The Most Dangerous Game is not longer procing with a Bounty Hunter Mod equipped.

They fixed something
Which means 20 other things were broken.

We should expect this by now


I never realized Gearbox had the same reputation for bugs and issues that Bethesda does, but it seems folks see this kind of stuff as really common in their games. It’s very disappointing.


This is a known issue affecting all platforms; GBX are aware of the issue and are working towards a fix as soon as they can.

On a semi-related note:

PLEASE look for an existing thread on a topic before creating a new one. This is especially important for game issues and bugs, as having fewer threads in the support category actually makes it easier for the support staff and developers to keep track of issues - ta muchly!


You know how long the guardian ranks will be off like this?


No - Noelle (Community Manager) posted elsewhere that they are working on it as a priority, but they will need to figure out exactly what interaction caused the glitch and how to fix it. I suggest keeping an eye on the Borderlands Twitter feed or watching for new threads in the BL3 News section, as that is where things will be announced once a fix is imminent.


Yeah same here, was absolutely hyped about seeing my Zane fire rate untill I realised I no longer could survive thanks to my action skill build lacking the guardian rank skill that increases it when shields are full

This fiasco has taught me one valuable lesson. No more updates will be applied on my console ever without me feeling confident in the company’s ability to produce a quality patch or fix.


Couldn’t have said it better


I will take that compliment with pride. Thank you.

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I’m pretty adamant I only ever found one or two proper bugs in borderlands 2 throughout my years of playing it, it seems like the dropped off after making BL2 polished

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