Guardian Rank Question

I have been avoiding gameplay videos so I don’t see too many spoilers. But I am curious if Gearbox made s major quality of life improvement. In BL1 and BL2 the Challenges were just a long list that took forever to scroll through. Did they at least break them up into tabs like Weapons, Loot and Money, Health and Shields, Locations, and so on? I am hoping Challenges are easier to view and sort. Especially if one of the tabs was the watch list.

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Great suggestion for improving that aspect of the game! :+1:

From what I have seen, challengers are in their respected menus… So you can see map challenges in the map menu, weapon/ vendor challenges are in the weapon menu. I haven’t seen a complied list like in previous games.

Guardian Rank is something that is like a second xp bar that appears after you beat the game. you get tokens for “leveling up” your guardian bar and get tokens to unlock skins, skills and such.