Guardian Rank rewards 4 Fl4k?

Now that I finally finished my 1st playthrough I’m wondering what the best Guardian reward strat is for Fl4k? Is it best to save up immediately for Hollow Point or C-C-Combo or get one of the less expensive ones first or maybe something else? Also, can these be respec’d if you don’t like something you picked?

You’ll probably get more mileage out of the individual tokens than trying to fill a quota in one of the columns.
Right now, gun and critical damage > everything else.
And maybe grenade damage, too.

Hmmm…maybe I am misunderstanding how it works. I thought you sank points into the bonus stats on the left and after spending enough you would be able to select the rewards on the right but I’m assuming from your response that it’s an either/or situation. That sorta sucks.

You sink your tokens into the stats on the left, and the stuff in the right section is auto-unlocked as you put enough points into that catagory’s stats. You do not actually spend tokens on any of the perks or skins in the right section of the screen.


Ahhh…ok. Well I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

I found the best combo of the skills to be the Overkill skill from the dmg tree / the skill that regens shields on kill from survival / The skill that reduces action skill cooldown when shields are full from luck.

I would suggest putting the points in to get to those 3 skills as a priority before going to max a tree.

The overkill skill alone lets you start of with a 256 dmg crit sniper at level 7 that by your 3rd consecutive head shot on targets its doing over 20k at level 7 4-500k lvl 50 on m3 with the right modifiers. This actually makes it fun as hell to snipe / pistol headshot combo any content. Every single badass will drop dead in 1 shot if you kill 2 trash enemies before you hit it with sniper crits.

The shield regen on kill and reduced cooldown on action skill while shields are full just work in perfect tandem meaning you can wear a heavy shield with a 7 sec recharge while mobbing as your killing stuff every second or 2. These 3 skills generally impact any character more than going straight down one tree to get the final buff.

Hope this helps some of you out as you can’t respec the points and this will definitely net you the most gains for 90% of builds (not all but most)

Have fun Stocky


Great info. Thanks for that!

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No problem Sid this combo made running my 2nd character to 50 insanely fast and fun hope it helps you too :slight_smile: