Guardian Rank Skills STILL NOT WORKING

At this point what is even the point of playing the game anymore? Every week and every patch something else seems to be broken or not even fixed or nerfed.

Is anyone else still having issues for guardian rank skills?

Guardian ranks work just fine


Mine arent working what so ever on PS4. I have the skill that gets me up with full health on second wind and it still isnt working.

I may be reading this wrong but it sounds like you think the perk revives you. It does not.

Once you are revived it gives you full health.

However if it isn’t doing so then yes it is gliched. However the perks work for me. I can aim down sights and everything. You can try backing out to the main menu. Then wait for the hotfix to apply, I suppose. You will see a hotfix sign on the post near your character, snowflakes, and christmas lights.

You are reading it incorrectly. The perk gives you full health and shield on a second wind. I have been getting second winds just fine but no full health and I also cant aim during FFYL with the other guardian rank perk.

i can’t say what’s wrong, but it seems like there have been a lot of ps4 related issues with this patch. i’m on xbox, so idk, but if deadman’s hands is broken that sucks, i got so used to not having it, that i forget to start aiming for heads when i’m in FFYL

I have the hotfix applied and the game is fully up to date. It’s just strange that it’s working for some people on ps4 and not for others. I’m confused and annoyed because I really love the skill for running through mayhem 4.

It not working pretty much keeps me from playing.

You could try backing out and waiting for the hotfix to reapply. However if it still is broke, then that indeed sucks and could be an issue with the newest update on Gb’s end.

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You are probably correct. I’m assuming it’s either an issue with my ps4 verifying the patch or on their end. Either way I’m done with B3 until the game is actually not breaking every other patch/week.

I’ve been civil and I’m not pissed at the devs but I’m tired of waiting for the game to be playable.

Hmm here’s an idea. I’ll tag the one who posts the patch notes so she can look into it. @Noelle_GBX could you please look into this?


Thank you kindly!

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You’re welcome. That is the best I could think to do.


That is super awesome and hopefully she can bring it up to them and have the issue fixed.

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