Guardian Rank skins not sharing?

I unlocked burning bright with Zane today, finally, but it doesn’t show up for Amara. Hex bolts and urban blamo, also unlocked by Zane a while ago, do show up on the list. What gives?

I don’t know. I had a similar problem with ‘Burning Bright’ - unlocked on Moze, found it also on Amara and Zane, but missing from FL4K. My next session I decided not to cash in GR points until I could load up FL4K to see if that would trigger the skin appearing, but it was already there.

So maybe check on your Amara after restarting the game?

It’s also possible that I had assigned a GR point after finding the skin missing on FL4K but didn’t re-check the QuickChange until my next session. So, if you have some points to spend in the relevant tree, maybe try that as well?

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