Guardian rank suggestions

First a definition or two, the stat perks on the left. Things like boosting your damage, shield, time in FFYL, etc… I call those Stat perks.

The other perks. Let’s refer to them as the passive ability bonuses. They are individually toggle-able per character you have. That’s great. That was a great addition to the game.

Can you please provide some of the following options regarding guardian rank perks?

a) individually toggle stat perks per character.
b) unassign a stat perk and reassign them to a different stat perk

How I play borderlands characters varies a lot by the actual save file. Sometimes I want a massive shield. Other times I want massive health. Etc… Applying bonuses account wide doesn’t work for me, except for certain stats. The best example (from BL2) is Krieg’s fight for your life playstyle and his flame of the firehawk build (he would prefer no shield perks) vs a gaige build that is more likely to want shield perks. In BL3, different Zane builds might prefer shield perks and others, not at all.

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