Guardian Rank vs New Game

It feels like the game is punishing those who are looking to start a game from lv 1 with a new character, as the XP is directly associated with the Guardian Rank and it’s a very low gain at lower levels. In all honestly I think it’s removing replay value from the game. This should be adressed, making replays more rewarding.

I don’t think it’s terribly different to BAR in BL2/TPS? Sure you fill the GR bar more slowly with a low level character than a high level one, but if you’re starting a new character you’re almost certainly not doing it for GR anyway. With BAR then yes, you could complete tier 1 challenges quickly on a new character, but you still need way more points to unlock the next BA rank (same as unlocking the next GR point)

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It is different. BL2 typically rewarded you on any level, no matter if starting a new game or continuing an old one. In BL3, kills at early levels give 30xp, while kills at LV 50 can give 1000~2000xp or a lot higher depending on Mayhem level.

Just do the math:

You needed to kill 300 enemies to get like 180 badass rank in BL2. It doesn’t matter the level you kill the enemies, you’re being rewarded the same way.

In BL3, if you kill 300 enemies at lv 1, you get 1000xp total. While killing just one enemy at lv 50 gives you that same amount of Guardian Rank.

It’s definitely not proportional, making replaying the game not rewarding at all. And lots of people like me like to restart from lv 1 instead of resetting playthroughs. It turns to be a problem.


That’s not quite how I remember it? XP was based on difference in level between you and the target. I don’t remember getting huge amounts of XP on new characters in BL2; you just didn’t need as much total to gain levels early game because of the exponential XP-per-level scaling.

Hm. Might have to go start a new siren tonight.


Dude, really. When I said about rewarding on any level, I said about Badass Rank progression. Guardian Rank is different because it’s solely on XP.

OK, now I’m really not sure what you’re complaining about. Is it the XP gain to level up a new character, or the fact that you can’t gain further GR as fast on a new character?


I don’t see why this is an issue. On nvhm you just want to run through as quick as possible unless you like to enjoy the scenery, which you sound as if that is not a priority. If you’ve started a new character you’ve got to be above 100 GR so you’re not really grinding for minimum return, and if you are there is an old saying about having your cake and eating it too.

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Funny, I’m almost in the opposite camp.
I feel like new characters shouldn’t get guardian rank perks until they’re done with PT1. That might be a bit harsh, but at least turn off the ability to increase GRs until PT1 is done. The ability for a new character to ad to GR (however slowly) surprised me, I don’t think it makes sense.
(Admitted potential condescension ahead) I mean NVHM isn’t really hard, having the guardian buffs isn’t needed. The 10-15% buffs I get don’t make things significantly easier cuz they’re already easy. For me GRs only matter when you’re deep in TVHM or in end game. But that’s me, and I know this can sound a bit snarky

Really kinda true in BL2 also. My BAR rank for reload speed, for example, is currently a 63% buff, crit & gun damage is around 35%. For brand new characters (and I still make 'em) this takes away a lot of tension and kinda makes it too easy. I turn off BAR on a new character until Where Angels fear to tread for that reason.

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Yes it’s that. I don’t expect the same amount of GR, but right now, by playing from lv1, you get like like 1/200 of GR you would get if you were playing at lv 50 Mayhem 4 in the same time window.

Does that really matter though? Your new character inherits the GR perks you’ve already earned. If a new character could level up your GR faster than your existing ones, I can see that being readily abused to rapidly ‘farm’ GR. I’m not sure what a fair alternative would be?

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Of course it does matter, as it also rewards people that like to start new games. GR itself is a reward for playing the game countless hours after all.


Controversial opinion alert!

I’m quite disappointed at how quickly I’ve been able to accumulate enough points to fill two GR trees fully and 90% of the third.

Granted my actual perk percentages need a bit of work, but I feel like the unlockable skins and passive “skills” should need a lot more dedication to achieve.


Yes? That’s the point? Mayhem modes literally boost experience gained.


OK, I see where you’re coming from. But going back to the BL2 BAR comparison: If I have four level 72 characters, I have a ton of BAR already. That means that, even if I start a new character and clear tons of challenges quickly to tier 1, it will still take me longer in actual game time to earn that next point to spend into a perk than it did on my first character. So it’s still basically the same situation as BL2 (except now your bonuses are capped.)

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So, the complaint is that - because GR is tied to XP earned, rather than challenges - new characters feel less rewarding, in terms of GR progress? I understand that.
I would have liked the in-game challenges to reward some xp each (rather than just eridium) to keep a link between the two, and reward new characters more (as higher level characters would already have finished the challenges and not earn any more from them). The xp would probably have to scale with level, though, which undermines the idea of making new characters feel more rewarding.
I think the only way to balance between new and old characters, without breaking the new ones (giving them too much xp would overlevel them), would be to have GR-only xp for some things. Like when you level up a character, it gives a bonus to your GR only.

I think that it is reasonable to compare new characters to max level ones, but I don’t think it is reasonable to compare mayhem mode to normal mode for this.

Mayhem mode gives us bonus eridium, cash, and rare items as well as XP.

Are new characters “penalized” by not getting those other items at the same rate? Should my e.g. level 10 zane get quadruple the eridium because I’ve beaten the game? Of course not. Hell, even level 50 characters don’t get these boosts when I choose not to play on a mayhem level, including the boosts to Guardian Rank xp.

I’m not sure where I stand on the comparison of a non-mayhem lvl 50 character Guardian rank increase vs a lvl 1 character increase (because I don’t know the math), but I definitely think the comparison to any level of mayhem, particularly M4, is not sound.


I think Gearbox intended to encourage players to keep using the same high levelled characters in BL3 when BL2 gave players incentive to keep on making new characters.

I prefer the XP style rather than challenges as 3/4 of my inventory isn’t filled with different weapons, shields, grenade mods and artefacts just to complete challenges.

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Conversely, I’m just past the first unlockable in my third tree and I think it’s taking far too long.

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