Guardian Rank - What's your first Pick?

Yo, was looking at all those guardian rank skills today and thinking about which tree I’ll go down first.
It seems that Survival is strong for an early pick for the 100% hp/shield. What do you go for?
I’ll pick first skill in Survival, first in green tree (more ammo pick up) and first 2 in the Attack (forgot name) for the overkill skill.

Link? I haven’t seen them yet, only ones I know about are the ones Gearbox mentioned in the official blog post.

You were able to see all of them in the twitch overlay (echocast?) in todays streams.

Sry I don’t remember all the last skills in the trees.
For cooldown tree it was “Cooldown reduction after kill” and Survival tree was “Shield recharge starts immediatly after killing an enemy” I think.

I will evenly distribute my first points for the 1% - 0.5% increases in raw stats, then I’ll go down one of the trees. Maybe to get the cooldown rate after kills skill.