Guardian ranks broken still after hotfix and update read pls

My guardian rakes are broken still I maxed out everything 75 in survivor 89 in enforcer and 78 Hunter thats 242 my rank should be 242 when it’s 149 just because I took advantage of the times xp offline and you broke my rank tree and should be credited my ranks back and that’s messed up that you didn’t absorb your xp offline to your online in game update online and just hotfix that I deserve my guardian rank back to its 242 1.01 1.02 1.03 I want my guardian rank returned to me please

There is a simple fix for this. Disconnect ps4 from internet before laung BL3. Play BL3. Gain 1 guardian rank. Do not spend that pt. Save and quit. Close BL3. Connect ps4 to internet. Launch BL3. Play until it prompts you to return to title screen to apply an update. Select ‘no’. Keep playing. Eventually your proper rank will return.