Guardian Ranks: Hunter

So I leveled up my Hunter skill tree first and got Topped off long ago. I have since been working on the other two trees and I only just recently moved back to Hunter to get the last two perks. I just leveled up and had the option to increase “elemental damage”? I don’t recall that ever being an option and sure enough I had 0% in it. I feel certain I would have chosen that long ago if I had seen the option. Has that always been an option? Trying to figure out if that is a new option or if I just never picked it somehow?


it’s a new option, if I remember well they added it when the wedding dlc was lauched, also they added 3 more GR perks.

I thought it was around for a while. Regardless, I hate that our options are randomly selected. I’d rather have explicit control over how I build my character. And this new system that increases the likelihood of bonuses with lower numbers being shown is sort of a slap in the face. That’s the exact wrong approach.

Sure when I’m GR 1000 it won’t matter much, diminishing returns and all. But until then, give me control. Imagine if each level you could only select which tree your skill point went into, but not which skill. Madness.

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Time ago we had the option to reroll guardian skills by going main menu and reenter the game and… GB noticed it and they patched it :confused:

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“Fun detected…and obliterated”

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