Guardian ranks negative stats in three categories in hunter section

guardian rank hunter bonus stats in three categories are showing a negative bonus, if they are working as shown may be punitive to redeem tokens (points) into. the below three categories are showing negative instead of positive modifiers, which may be causing negative bonus affects not intended, therefore not actually working as a bonus?

reload speed
recoil reduction

all the previous borderlands series having a + percentage modifiers on weapons make them better. positive bonuses especially at +10% plus were noticeable improvements to weapons. for borderlands 3 items in the game, with + percentage modifiers in the above three stats are make weapons better.

Reload speed bonus stat is showing as a negative number which some may say it reduces your reload, based on in game drops should be a positive bonus stat percentage to improve performance, example:

Aligned AX-7 (pistol)
one has no reload speed modifier shows 2 sec reload
one has + 27% reload speed time modifier 1.6 sec reload

accuracy bonus stat also showing as a negative number, putting points this category may be hindering players also. based on testing and comparing guns in the game the difference in noticeable, +accuracy modifiers are more beneficial, -accuracy modifiers would be hindering. examples:

Auditing crossroad (SMG)
has a - 21% weapon accuracy modifier gun shows 45% accuracy

Defrauding crossroad (SMG)
has no accuracy modifier shows 60% accuracy

Wolfhound (SMG)
has a + 36% weapon accuracy modifier gun shows 82% accuracy

recoil reduction bonus stat, is hidden on weapons in Borderlands 3 although still in the game. i did a massive token save before i spent into the hunter section 88 tokens, reason i did this to see the affect. i got to -12% recoil reduction. when i did the mass spend of tokens, i did not notice the negative, which i believe now makes my recoil worse.

these three guardian rank in the hunter tree bonus stats are negative online or offline

i was online yesterday when i typed the above post, today i come online, i earned a token to spend in guardian ranks, i looked at the hunter tree…negative accuracy bonus is now showing as a positive accuracy bonus

negative bonus in guardian tree for reload speed and recoil reduction still need fixed to read and work as a positive effect

just played some offline, accuracy is now showing as negative bonus again

I’m bumping this because I’m tired of people not caring about this. Everthrunt you said is 100% accurate.


I think it’s a matter of individual guns versus general bonus. They could say it is taking away the time to reload like OP said, and still be different. The guardian buffs seem to all be multiplied at the end. Making them a true multiplicative buff. It just a matter of algebra to arrange the equation how they need it. The stats on the gun cards are already taken effect on the base of the gun. The buffs from skills are also positive because they are additive with other buffs. If Guardian rank was additive with other buffs then yes, it would be negatively impacting us. But since it is at the end it can be negative with a differently rearranged equation.

Only real way to test this is with a friend with no guardians rank and use a stop watch to time reload speed.

Just after having my bank wiped by the bank glitch I notice my gaurdian rank bonus stats going negative. Jeez this is weakening my resolve to continue playing. Is this a visual glitch or are our weapons actually performing up to 15 percent worse because of this. It’s pretty disappointing to be less powerful after all the work I’ve put in. Three of the bonus stats are this way. Wtf.