Guardian Ranks - Underpowered?

So, as I’ve earned more and more guardian levels, I’ve noticed that once you pass 7% or so for a skill, you begin to see enormous diminishing returns with them essentially soft-capping out at 15% or so.

This is something of a pity. It feels like this really does limit power growth in the endgame. I like the idea of gradually getting stronger and stronger even after cap - but this feels like a second cap, and a pretty stingy one.

Or have I got this completely wrong?

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They’re hardcapped at 15%
Its kind of necessary, BAR was so exploitable in bl2 it wasn’t even funny.


Ah, I wasn’t aware that 15% was the hard cap.

If you mean ‘exploitable’ as in ‘characters could get very powerful over time’…okay? I don’t see the problems here. Add in a few new Mayhem modes, Diablo style.

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No, I mean exploitable because there was a prominent glitch to get ridiculous badass tokens. People had everything at 300% or more, and it was so easy to replicate yourself.
Having +300% fire rate caused some interesting things to happen

Why else would every single respectable bl2 video begin with a shot of the BAR disabled screen

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Ah. Well you can’t really apply that to guardian ranks. As far as I know, there is no such exploit - and balancing a game around bugs/exploits that might be discovered seems a little silly.

Fair enough, better safe than sorry though. Keeping it at 15% isn’t that bad, the perks are the real bonus you’re going for I imagine.
Having it capped means you can actually run with it competitively too, because you’re not at an unfair advantage simply for playing too much.

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The thing is - we’ll be capped out on the perks by the second DLC or so.

It feels like, aside from the perks, Guardian Rank is rather weak after a while. Which is a pity, because I really like the idea of infinite growth.

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I thought it seemed on par with BadAss Ranks, which I always thought had awful diminishing returns; but, then, I’m also completely unaware of any glitches that got those up to 300% for “everyone.” And the perks were a nice addition. Another potential area of expansion via DLC, too.

Yeah. The DR are pretty harsh this time around, but it’s the hard cap of 15% that I think is a little stingy.


If you think about it, GR, like BAR, is a universal multiplier that’s external to every character’s skillset. That’s a 15% increase to every stat which is a ludicrous amount. By that peak, you could run around with no skill investment and be stronger with only GR bonuses than you would with no GR and a full skill investment.

This is, of course, barring character specific interactions such as FL4K with the King’s/Queen’s call, Moze with the Hex, and melee Amara. If you’re just using found gear and no specific “meta” builds, GR is a ridiculous increase to damage and survivability potential. One thing it certainly is not is stingy, if anything +15% to all stats is still too much. What it is, is great for casual gamers who don’t strive for meta builds and speed runs. The more “hardcore” fans don’t even invest their gurdian tokens.

No, it’s not really. 15% is exactly that. 15%. A 15% buff to stats is a 15% buff to stats.

Uh, okay? What is your point then?

for BL 2 i worked legit to have my stats at 20%ish for each of them and there’s no way in hell i’m gonna deactivate it for the lolz

those elitists statements are really boring to read , we use what the game offer and that makes us casual? at that point dont use any skills and stick with starter weapons so you can show people how “badass” you are

Elitist statements? Sorry, I’m not to write fun replies. If you take offense to the use of the word “casual” then that’s on you, it’s not a derogatory term.