Guardian Skills moderator question

Could we please get a heads up on what’s happening with the Guardian Skills ?

I’m sure I’m not the only player who is finding the new content very hard without them working, and after all, they where broken by the patch and should be working for the game to function properly at the higher levels

So, no rant, just a polite enquiry from me and probably countless others :slight_smile:


Im not a mod, however, I did glean something from an official on Facebook. Since this problem came from a patch, a patch will be needed to fix it.

Most patches have a monthly cycle, however, I don’t know if they’ll push one out sooner for this problem or not.

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Us purple moderators don’t really have access to any more info than regular users, I’m afraid.

We don’t work for Gearbox, we were all just regular forum users who got asked to help out by Gearbox.

Sooner would ne nice its mot exactly a lil issue lol, ty for the info

ah but we all know a good purple can every bit as useful as a legendary in the right situation :slight_smile:


If they are confident of correctly identifying the cause and a solution, they might well push a patch through to MS and Sony for certification (GBX have done this before). It’s possible that MS and Sony might also expedite that process given the situation (again, not without precedent). The Giant Wattle Gobbler in the room is, of course, US Thanksgiving, which is going to slow a lot of things down.


Exact wording from the post:

“We’re aware there’s an issue with guardian rank, and will be addressing that in the next patch. Unfortunately, it’s not something we’re able to fix in a hotfix.”

Hope this helps!

God Dam those F********ng turkeys :slight_smile: