Guardian Takdown

This has probably been said here over and over but guardian takedown needs more save areas, especially ones near the parkour areas. I’ve done the takedown multiple times but the parkour is a killer, if a platform doesn’t let you mantle then, buckle up for even more crustal charging. Something like extra save stations would make it a lot more replayable IMO. THoughts?


I know it’s your first time posting, but literally everyone agrees, and have been asking Gearbox to do this for months.

I have no idea what is going on at Gearbox, but something is obviously wrong. I’m no programmer, but I can’t imagine it would take, like, more then an hour to add two more save points. Hell, it would probably take less then that. The fact that they haven’t is seriously worrying.

Sorry for the rant. Point is, everyone completely agrees with you.


Yup. Your going to learn that gearbox doesnt care. Just keep playing. Youll see.

Why it wasn’t done like the platforming in BL2’s dragon keep dlc is beyond me (where when you missed and fell into oblivion your teleported back to the start of it)

  • to negate issues with mantling ( usually only because I’m not host) i pack a relic and shield with movement speed. Having just 20% seems to save me most often

Ranting is absolutely fine, it makes sense its a pain in the ass for everyone. Hopefully by a stroke of luck we get something in the patch alongside DLC 6 but thats wishful thinking. I know BL3 is ■■■■ on quite a lot but i really enjoy it, be a shame for something like that to be ruined because of a platforming issue.


lack of saves prevents me from playing. I’ve never been able to get past the first boss. I either fall off the map or get killed by the radiation bubbles. I’m good at shooting things, but not following when you need to jump to avoid things. So after one or two tries I just give up b/c I don’t want to go through the whole process again (especially given what I understand to be horrible drop rates for the dedicated gear). If I could respawn at that point I’d keep trying until I passed it. It’s been months since I tried.


This kind of gets to my problem with the takedown. It’s not just that it’s hard, but that it’s so ungodly tedious that it masquerades as hard. I tried to do true takedown as Fl4k once. I spent 45 minutes just getting to Anathema, got murdered by a Nova, and haven’t tried since.

Now, I am a complete moron, and accidentally forgot that i had removed my guardian rank, which likely would have made it significantly easier.

The point, however, is that I really don’t ■■■■■■■ want to spend at least another half an hour to get a chance to make it that fair, then die again. It doesn’t even drop good loot! If it doesn’t drop good loot, then the only reason to do the takedown would be because it’s fun.

But it’s not fun.


I’ve done true Guardian Takedown recently. Took me 53 minutes. Combat isn’t particularly hard but it is a bit relentless. The rewards are abysmal though for such a time sink. Have no desire to do it again when it is no more lucrative than regular Takedown.


That’s exactly my point!

And yeah, as you said it isn’t even hard. All of the enemies are just bullet sponges that are more annoying then difficult.

While I’m at it, let me just list all the changes I wish Gearbox would implement:

If it were up to me, I would increase the damage/speed of the guardian’s attacks, while nerfing their health. Maybe a 30% buff for nerf for both. All the enemies are just bullet sponges and not a threat as I said before.

Add a Save point before and after each crystal phase, along with ammo machines. Pretty self explanatory, getting your progress reset isn’t fun, and the cutpurse relic makes buying ammo obsolete anyway.

Massively increased rewards from each boss. Quadruple the world drops, guaranteed to drop at least one exclusive legendaries, and higher chance to drop m6 items.

Add a small reward for beating the crystal phases (a few legendaries, or maybe a few chests)

Buff the terrible Asclepius , Web slinger, and maybe the globe trotter.

While this does sound like a lot, I really don’t feel like it’s that much to ask for. I’m not a game designer, but I feel like one person could add all of these within a day. (Most of these changes are either just changing a number like health or adding the respawn machines)

Also, despite what others say, I like the usage of invincibility phases in all of the raid bosses. It actually makes you move around and strategize rather then them being big bullet sponges like Terramorphus was. Anathema does feel a tad tedious, but I don’t even know if it deserves a change. If they really wanted to, they could give him a new attack and cut the number of invincibility phases from 12 to 6, but that would be more work.

Regardless, I don’t know if Gearbox will do any of these, considering that they haven’t already, but a man can dream.

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It boggles my mind that it didn’t occur to GBX to lock really, really good gear behind completion of the Takedown. Locking gear behind completion of a hard mission is the literal bread and butter of a looter-shooter. Instead you can have a . . . Smog? Webslinger? Globertrottr? Aesclepius? The only item really worth the time might be an ASS Stinger. Good luck getting one of those. I got one my literal very first GTD run and have never seen another one in probably minimum 25 completed runs, at least. And it’s an OK shield, just very niche. But for what it does for Amara, I am sure it’s great.

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There should’ve been another check point immediately after the 2nd crystal section. Missing the jump from that platforming is extremely punishing.

IMHO GBX should have locked Mayhem behind the takedowns. Maybe mayhem 2-6 behind Maliwan and 7-10 behind Guardian, with Mayhem 1 being automatically granted upon completion of the main campaign.

Coupled with a better loot reward, it would have given a sense of achievement to complete it as the peak did in BL2.

I acknowledge that this may be an unpopular opinion, but it is too easy to complete the campaign then immediately switch to M10 and use gear you already have in the bank.

It would give the takedowns some bragging rights.


@EldeeFifty You are correct, that is an unpopular opinion, but it’s one I happen to share. You shouldn’t just be able to finish the campaign, select Mayhem 10/11, and start playing. You should have to earn the higher difficulty levels.

I absolutely do NOT want the kind of system that BL2 had. There is nothing more annoying than having to reset your entire story playthrough to get a new Pimpernel at OP8/10. That is an awful abomination that never should have existed in the first place.

However, I do think that players should have to prove, in some way, that they can hack the higher difficulty levels before they can access them. And then once you prove you can access them with your selected VH, you also should be able to access some sort of exclusive gear. This gives dedicated players - which let’s be honest, are the primary ones playing on the highest difficulty level - something to shoot for.

Does this make me an elitist? Possibly. Don’t care. I think this game should have some challenges. Right now, BL3 stands as the easiest game among the 4, IMO (you could argue BL1 is easier and might be correct).

My idea has always been that there are 6 Trials, so they should add some escalating difficulty for each one you complete, and each one you complete would give you access to another, higher difficulty setting. Finish all 6, plus each of the Slaughters and then the MTD as the finale, and then you would be 10 difficulty levels above your character’s level, right?

EDIT: I apologize to the OP for the slightly OT rant.


that’s actually something I agree with as well. what I always thought would be good would be to have some sort of challenge system. E.g., for each mayhem level you need to kill X number of enemies in a certain number of locations, get X number of kills with certain elements, X number of kills with certain weapon types and you can’t repeat on consecutive levels. E.g, to go from MH 1 to 2 you need 500 kills on any planet, 100 of which must be of at least two element types and 100 of which must be at least two types of weapons. Therefore, I could choose Pandora, get at least 100 kills using cryo and shock, and use pistols and snipers. Then to go from MH 2 to 3 I have to switch it up and go to Eden 6, use corrosive and radiation, then use smgs and rocket launchers). I don’t want some sort of proving ground/slaughter shaft thing b/c for me those are just too boring and repetitive and too self contained in small area. But as each MH level is more difficult than the last, something like what I mentioned requires you to invest some time into each level b/f progressing and also gives a little more variety. A trial with escalating difficult seems much like digistruct peak in concept.

but, regardless of how it’s done, I agree it would be better for higher levels to be earned.

In terms of difficulty: depends what you mean. as far as main story on normal, none are really difficult. e.g. the warrior in bl2 was an easy boss fight. If you talk about later on, then maybe. BL2 in UVHM is by far the hardest (much easier in the pre-sequel b/c the enemy shields/armor/health did not regen the same as in BL2).

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Here’s hoping the vault card requirements are challenging.