Guardian Takedown after Patch

Today is my first day playing since last Thursday’s patch, and a couple of things look different to me than I previously remember.

  1. The first set of doors automatically open rather than standing on the “training” crystals that have no enemies. Good QOL improvement.

  2. Anathema’s bubble used to kill all of the NPCs inside of it. Now it seems like they survive. Is this different, or am I remembering wrong? Previously, I could stay on the platform hugging the side while the bubble exploded. Now, since the NPCs nearby are NOT being killed by the bubble, they just knock me off the edge since I’m standing so close to it. Maybe GBX made it more difficult to “cheese” this by not hopping to the outlying platforms?

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Welp, I’m convinced that the NPCs staying alive IS new–and was more likely GBX trying to make this a bit easier, not harder. Because they’re still alive, it is possible to get a kill while in FFYL if the bubble gets you. I’m pretty sure that was not the case before.


This is already in the game since the launch of GTD, sometimes it is open, sometimes you need to do the first crystals. I experience that it is always open once you beat it already. some say it is glitched, others say in coop it is closed, etc. etc.


Thank you for that. I do happen to be playing Amara, the only VH that I have completed the GT with, for the first time since having done so.