Guardian takedown boss, Anathema, suicided

I’ve managed to make one of his copies kill him by lingering on one of the platforms a little too long for comfort. He teleported up as I narrowly escaped (by jumping since the pad was already turned off) and got hit by the nova. He died cause he was on his last phase.
Maybe it can be used foro speedrunning of or can be pulled off consistently.


Nice. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen guardian adds get nuked by the death spheres but it never occurred to me he could nuke himself. :slight_smile:

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Anathema’s nova definitely kills the nearby guardians.

@Tramonto Could you explain the method you used to do this? I am unclear on how he teleported to the same platform where his shadow already was located.

Reminds me a little of how you can blow up the Schismatic Diadems near Scourge to interrupt his immune phase. Once I figured out that mechanic, the Scourge fight got A LOT easier.

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I didn’t do it on purpose, I landed a lucky shot with my backburner and the explosions went a little bit out of sync from there on since the boss immediately went in another invulnerability phase, so the shadows appeared a little later than usual, but I’m not 100% sure. Should have captured a video but I’m out of disk space…

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@Tramonto I was kind of figuring that was the explanation (i.e., it was accidental or perhaps glitchy or something). I have read some talk about some sort of Anathema skip or something like that, but I don’t know how to do it myself.

I accidentally did that on my last session without realizing… I blew up a couple diadems near him as he was starting to power up and ran to hide behind a pillar but realized he was no longer powering up heh.

The Monarch is your friend for this. :wink:

For what concerns Scourge the suicide mobs can be lured near him to interrupt his nova during the invincible phase.
Place the clone between his legs as Zane, the pet as Fl4k (possibly with Gamma Burst) or auto bear as Moze and watch the fireworks.
In true takedown mode he summons like 4 of them, of they explode with a little delay from each other be can receive a TON of damage.


Interesting method. I don’t play Gamma Fl4k and don’t play Zane very much any more, but I am not sure I would have even thought of doing that.

As soon as I get him immune, I just make sure my Monarch is reloaded and focus only on the Diadems. That seems to work pretty consistently for me.