Guardian takedown bug?

I’ve only played the Guardian takedown very few times. I made it to the checkpoint boss, but everyone died, so i gave up.

So i played today and hit the part where I have the 3 crystals. For some reason, as soon as the second crystal is going I just die. Full health, putting up a good fight. Just dead and am sent back to the start with “Defeat” on the screen. Is this intentional? A bug? Doesn’t make sense to kill the player like that and not let em progress.

As soon you start charging any crystal, the rest will start loosing energy. If any crystal is empty it will explode and kill you.
Just check others if charging takes too long. You need to keep enemies out of the crystal zone to keep it charging.

Wish they mentioned it sooner in the fight. Guess this is one takedown that requires a full squad

It is mentioned in the tutorial when you need to charge two crystals.
It’s doable solo, just watch other crystals if the charging takes too long, and move to them.