Guardian Takedown Completion?

So, i’ve been through the Guardian Takedown twice now, just so I can complete the mission. Didn’t really enjoy it like the Maliwan one, but any content is good!

My issue is, i’ve finished the mission, bitch-slapped the boss, and went to move on. However, the mission just loops around to start again and my mission log continually says “Failed” if I just leave, even without re-entering the breach.

Is that normal? Is there something i’m missing? It’s literally the only active mission on my log and my OCD keeps going nuts having it there!

If you save&quit in Minos, you automatically start the mission on next load of map. The same as in Maliwan Takedown. After completion just fast travel to any other location.

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Are you quitting out after the first boss?
Because there are 2

I have had friends do this and not realize it

That would be the problem! Where’s the second one?

Nevermind! Got it. Just read through a guide. Haha