Guardian Takedown for what reason?

Welcome to the Guardian takedown a place that will take you a minimum of 30 mins to complete for a chance at average loot

I’ve completed it around 50+ times now and the thought of going through again makes me sick like going through digastrust peak just to kill the end boss.

I don’t know what would fix it beside getting rid of the crystal parts and just open all the doors so I don’t need to waste anymore time in my sad life. I will literally pay 1000 Eridum to go right to the end boss… or 500 for a skip or somthing

But for the love of god buff the rewards. Web slinger and Smog are a joke, and the globetrotter is outclassed by other launchers for some reason


In the end i started to love GTD :sunglasses:

It’s next to TMTD the only challenge in end game…

Crystal stages are a bit long but with decent gear there’s nothing to it.

The rewards are seriously lacking though, i have to agree on that. (sure i get a crap load of legendaries from MTD but i hardly use anything i get from it)

Maybe add some new weapons/items to them from time to time?

Arms race it the opposite :rofl: has great loot (and some crap drops) but is just boring (wouldn’t mind if every planet go an arms race map with their own drops)

Endgame is weird in this game :confused: gear to complete it isn’t that hard to get and the gear you get from takedowns hardly helps beating it (there’s just better options to use)

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i will give you a revolutionary idea. for fun? because you want to use op guns against toughest scaling in the game? if it is not fun what would make it fun a legendary drop or drops that one shot everything? a gun that does not even need to be shot just kills all the spawns on the map? if it is a drop you want to go through a map you are not enjoying the game and no drop will change it.

I have come to like the challenge now that platforms have been replaced with air jumps.
Not something I would do every day but good for the odd occasion.
On one occasion a fellow player picked the hard option and left me on my own as they stayed at the beginning of the map while they attended to something, joining later.
It was hard. The hardest challenge I have ever completed in the game.
Staying alive and progressing to the end was reward enough for me.

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I’ll defend Guardian Takedown.

Takedowns are the best content in the game, bar none in my opinion. Recently replayed the entire game plus all DLCs - this game is at it’s best when enemy density is as high as can be. Fighting a smattering of intermittent mobs or one single static boss is disappointingly out of tempo. All I want is hordes of enemies to tear through - thankfully Cartel spawns remedy much of it.

True GTD is higher end game content than Hemovous/Vermivorous. So yeah I agree the loot should match the difficulty and time spent. Lightspeed and Globetrottr are excellent, but I’d love to see buffs to the other dedicated drops.

Speaking of dedicated drops, it’s so cool how Anathema and Scourge can drop mayhem 6+ dedicated loot. One time Anathema dropped me a Plaguebearer, it felt particularly rewarding. I wish they could open that up more by substantially increasing the drop rates, including Wotan.


i have only completed it once. dont think i saw must have items. thats just me though.

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30 mins to complete ? Didnt take me that in a while. Its closer to 20 mins.

Also, web slinger is really bad, but Smog and Globetrottr are actually good. Globetrottr is even among the best launchers in the game.

Wouldn’t say no to a better drop rate though.

I speed through on a modded character and it still takes me around 20 mins even with using multiple skips?

I love that they added jump pads, a very welcome change. I think next step is more meaningful loot. Scourge and Anathema need to drop far more for the amount of time invested and they need to be mostly dedicated / M6 drops, not world pool. The amount of loot needs to match the amount of time and effort involved.

With the area of platforming just before Anathema, I would happily jump down and fight if it opened up a jump pad to just skip that bit of platforming. The less platforming the better, really.


Yeah webslinger f’in sucks :sweat_smile:

Never used the smog or the launcher (never really use any launcher for that matter)

But same for MTD, i just never really use kybs worth or moonfire :confused: because there’s just better stuff out there (some flat out easier to farm - > lightshow for example blows most of the takedown weapons clean out of the water)

Maybe adding some new weapons to the boss’ lootpool?

The smog is very average and not worth it IMO.

Just grab a plasma coil or even a Kaoson

Yeah that’s what i dislike in takedowns :wink: for the supposed hardest content, the dedicated drops don’t really feel special (and GTD has just low legendary drops)

There’s just so much better gear

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Welcome to any farming-game ever? BL1/2/3 Diablo 2/3, etc… they are all the same in this, right? If you start thinking logically about what you are spending your time on, it quickly doesn’t make sense anymore :P.

The difference is that repeating the same thing is often only done if it’s enjoyable, and people don’t enjoy the Guardian Takedown… and I can see why, and I agree :P.

But I can ask the same question: ‘proving grounds for what reason? Slaughter-shaft for what reason? Maliwan Takedown for what reason?’. Although they are mildly more entertaining to replay, it’s still 30 minutes for a chance on useless loot. Do not think about that kind of stuff if you’re playing a looting-game. It will never make sense once you start thinking about it :stuck_out_tongue: .

Good point I guess but if they were to buff the items a bit it might be worth it?

The proving grounds / slaughter shafts are pretty useless nowadays unless your doing for fun or testing your build. The reward is not worth it so why would you spend your time farming it? You wouldn’t and that’s why everyone is using easy to farm/ amazing items like all the M6 items. yet the takedown rewards are pretty meh so your not using the smog but your using the Plasma coil.

It makes perfect sense to me, how about you?

I bet you never did the circle of slaughters from BL1,BL2 for Fun with no worthy rewards