Guardian takedown is a joke, it has to be, right?

First time completing the raid, it was atrocious, i hated every part of it except boss fights which were really stressfull.

It took me more than an hour, and Scourge took me 15-20 min all by himself.

And that’s what i get ?

A woodblocker, a hex, a red fang and a devoted ?

This is M10 btw, with the hotfixes applied (they buffed the loot from the raid in the last hotfix lmao)

This raid sucks ass, next time i’ll get the weapons i want (the smog) directly with cheat engine, there’s no way i do this again.

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For comparison i get 4-5 drop from Wotan when i kill him (from his loot table i mean).
Why is the guardian raid so damn stingy when it’s 10 times harder ?
It should reward us, not punish us.
I don’t understand the logic

It probably has the same issue the Maliwan Takedown had with drops until they buffed the drop rate in the Maliwan Takedown. Drop rate and rewards are the worst thing about the Guardian Takedown at the moment.

How come they repeated the exact same mistakes even though this raid came after they buffed everything on the maliwan raid for it to be playable ?
I don’t know what they are working on currently but damn fixing the base game should be a priority

There are quite a few things that need to be fixed. I am sure there are some legitimate reasons why some things have not been fixed or certain things take more priority over others. However it does not make sense when that they repeat the same mistake when it comes to the rewards in the takedown.

Hopefully they at least fix that soon.

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