Guardian Takedown just impossible

Hi everyone,

Is it just me or i’m not the only one to be nearly out of ammo after the first room in Guardian Takedown?


Welcome to the club! I didn’t finish the 2nd room at M6 due to lack of ammo.


I know that this raid was builded for 4 players but Maliwan Takedown was builded in the same way and i can easily handle every mobs but here this is just impossible


Same … emptied all 4 weapons…


a mi me expulsa, como si cayera por un precipicio

I even switched one out to an smg and finally just said enough and bailed :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:


I played it in Normal mode solo to get the lay of the land, but kept dying without notice. Turns out the crystals kill you after a while that I was unaware of. I just rage quit and didn’t go back. I do not see how the crystal game element makes it fun…


With a standard Fl4k build I completed the takedown at M8 with M10 gear, so it is definitely possible. I didn’t use a cutpurse but you definitely can.

Was doing it yesterday, got to the 2nd platform without much trouble on M10 but after that things get nutty fast. I like it.

I don’t have ammo issues. But I always die at the 3 crystals. Just not possible even with m10 weapons on m7

Haven’t managed to get further than the first boss at m10, playing Amara in co-op with a cutpurse zane (@Tank_Tsunami) keeping me topped up with ammo and keeping my transformer shield up with a shock backburner.

Feels far too bullet spongy. Have seen suggestions that it has been accidentally set to 4 player scaling, which would fit the experience.

Crystal puzzles not too mentally taxing, but quite tedious. Platforming unpleasant. Needs airborne control a la TPS.

Tried solo on m4 (m10 gear) to recconnoitre the map and bosses.

First boss is tedious with its multiple (12?) immunity phases. Fell out of the final boss arena after teleporting back mid fight.

Had absolutely no desire to return solo. Will persevere with my co-op buddy to complete it on m10 but not seeing it as a map to return to regularly unless it has a rethink.

Doesn’t feel like Borderlands.

Fingers crossed the DLC isn’t a disappointment.


Update: start it without the hotfix applied - offline :wink:

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I turned Mayhem Mode off, started with Bottomless Mags Moze packing MM10 weapons, and figured I’d have an easy run through just to see what it’s like. It’s easy enough to dispatch the locals (frankly, this difficulty level is pretty nice for me), but I’m randomly dying at parts, and I don’t know why.

Like I’ll be fighting a bunch of Guardians, topped off on health and most of a shield (or even in Iron Bear), and zip! I think there’s some map mechanic I’m missing. It’s usually at the three crystals, but I got past that once, and that next boss was fine until she lit every corner with her shield of insta-death (after her first two armor bars went down).

Having to start from the beginning to figure each of these out out the hard way… I’ve only got like a dozen failed runs (with no advancement in knowledge about how to proceed) in me before I ask for help or sleep on it. What am I missing?

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I bet they swapped the true takedown and solo takedown switches. either that or both are scaled to 4 player



Builded isn’t a word.


I have an uneasy feeling that the way it is rn is singleplayer and True Takedown is like… Mayhem 30-level enemies.

You need to keep the crystals charged up… if one completely drains it’ll explode and it’s insta-death. I try to do my best to get one 100% charged and out of the way right from the start, making managing the remaining two much easier.

I love the boss fights, particularly the first one (Anathema). Love that feeling of barely making it away from the expanding death sphere(s). Well, until some random guardian knocks me off course while I’m trying to use a jump pad.

Oh, whoops - I must have left one before it was fully cooked. :laughing:

For Anathema, how do you dodge her last attack? Like there was an expanding sphere on every platform (that I saw anyway). Will there be one pad that’s clear, do you just need to stay constantly on the move from pad to pad to escape her multi-sphere range, or something else? (Can you tank through them?)

I do find the mobs there delicious so far. If there’s a trick to subsequent sections/bosses, do tell. Heck, I even bumped into that one rotating bit in the sky on that jump early in the game… didn’t think that was an actual failure point. :neutral_face:

The crystal challenge contains a (stealth) time limit: Instructions say to charge the 3 BEFORE detonation. If you fail to do so in time (bco enemies and what not) you will receive instadeath - the “inexplicable” wtf killed me?! experience - pre-signaled by the screen shake.

In other words, the challenge has less to do with the power of your weapons or your shield or health than with your velocity: If you take a while, like a sloth in a rap battle, YOU. WILL. DIE.