Guardian Takedown just impossible

Guardian Takedown still feels impossible on M10 the enemies still feel tanky to me.

My build shreds things outside the raid but feels weaker in GT it’s baffling. Yes I know it’s supposed to be hard but not trash mob tanky hard.

Tried it once at M0 just to clear for the skin and died then decided it was a huge waste of time to even bother as the whole thing even at M0 felt like a pain in the ass and a huge time sink.

I tried it for the first time yesterday, me with a clone build Zane, and a Moze friend, we finished one time at mayhem 0 just to understand the mechanics, then we tried mahyem 10. The enemies are manageable and i liked the Crystal system, the final boss is interesting (even if maybe a bit more invulnerability phases), the environment is gorgeous.
What i really, REALLY didn’t like, and what convinced me to don’t try this raid ever again, is the jump puzzles. Now, it’s my fault, i’m absolutely incapable to make precise jumps, i really suck at this, and the low gravity aggravates the situation even more. But, really? this system in a raid where there are two checkpoints, long fights, and one little mistake and you have to do EVERYTHING again? I look at the second crystal phase, which is rather hard per se, and the jumps after: you miss the jump, you die, do the crystals again. No, thank you very much. You create more save points, or you don’t reset the fight when you fall, you give me some malus, i don’t know, but don’t make me do everything from the beginning. It’s frustrating, time-wasting, stupid design choice. And finally, you manage to complete the raid and you can drop some weapons that are heavily outclassed by 99% of those dropped in the new DLC. Well… no ^^



I fully agree. I also hate the platform sections. You should have added at least one or even two more savepoints that would save you such frustration from having to start all over if you miss the jump. Another criticism is that even if you make it through, it can happen that none of the Legendarys are dropped on the final boss. So you wasted time.

Just adding my voice to the choir: I can’t stand the Takedowns in general. A raid boss, fine, I can understand that being handled with a ‘spectator mode’ if a player gets killed. But something this long, with this many opportunities for someone to fall off the map, die from a death’s head, or whatever… it shouldn’t be handled like a raid. It should just function like the rest of the game, with checkpoints and the ability to return immediately to play with your friends.

Combined with the Mayhem modifiers, this Borderlands game is the least co-op friendly game in the entire series, for late-game stuff. The only stuff that’s fun to play with my friends is the story stuff, first time through. Even with the last patch, and all the buffs the powers got, my friends and I still have trouble settling on mayhem modifiers, and getting through the platforming sections on the Guardian Takedown kills someone EVERY TIME. The only times I’ve finished Guardian Takedown I had to use a trainer with ‘flying mode’ to navigate through it.

Stop wasting my hard disk space with these takedowns, bring back raid bosses, or put your energy towards actual story based DLC, please. The takedowns are not fun, at all. They’re just work, a long, slow grind with nothing but bragging rights at the end of it.


I want to be able to enjoy the Guardian Takedown more. It’s a beautiful setting with fantastic ideas but there’s a few things which hold it back.

  • With the length of the Takedown, only having two checkpoints is really painful. Overall, the content is a great length but if I die once, miss a jump or any number of other things I can be set back an annoyingly long way. With the Maliwan Takedown you’ll never lose half an hour of work. If it was up to me, I’d put checkpoints in after the both crystal puzzles, each with vendors situated by them.
  • I like how one jump puzzle was done in Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep - if you fell, you’d simply be set back to the beginning of the puzzle. To me, the jump puzzles shouldn’t have such huge consequences but just be a fun mechanic within the Takedown.
  • Collectively, Wotan and the Valkyrie Squad can drop the M4 exclusives, the Tiggs Boom, Redistributor, Kyb’s Worth and a load of legendary mods that were brand new at the time. An average player probably takes 20 to 30 minutes playing the raid. By contrast, the Guardian Takedown takes the average player anywhere between 1 and 2 hours. The loot doesn’t feel adequately rewarding. I would make each boss have a guaranteed chance to give up at least one of their dedicated drops and then also make it possible for them to drop the M6 weapons.
  • The Webslinger is a weapon people have mixed opinions about. It’s pretty cool that you can use it to climb walls but I wonder if it should also have some actual use in combat. If we simply changed it so that the splash damage from that weapon cannot damage the player then we could make it both good for climbing walls and webbing up our foes.
  • A lot of people complain about the crystal puzzles but I myself have never especially struggled with them, I’ve always been able to beat them first time. However, I wonder if people would be happier if there was a checkpoint immediately before the puzzle? Open to different opinions. It might be that the potential checkpoints I introduced earlier would be enough.
  • I’m a bit surprised this needs saying, but there should be individual matchmaking for the individual Takedowns. If I want to play the Guardian Takedown with others, I shouldn’t have to wait 20 minutes and then be thrown into the other raid. Matchmaking needs to be looked in general really. Apparently BL3 has a lot of players but it always takes forever to find anyone to play with, and that’s before mentioning finding Mayhem modifiers which work across a team.
  • The final thing I’d say is that we should move the platforms for Anathema slightly closer to where the slide drops you out. Through no fault of their own, some players have been thrown into oblivion and had to restart the entire raid. Not the most fun thing.

Agree with everything said here. Sums it all up in a nutshell.
I will admit I haven’t finished the Guardian Takedown, and the main reason I just won’t do it is the lack of checkpoints at the Puzzles.
So stupid to have so much time wasted because of one missed jump…


With an iron bear build now the enemies are 1 (or 2 if they are shielded badasses) shot, but the crystals don’t seem to charge when I’m standing next to them while in iron bear. Without it, I pretty much insta die because of low Hp. So two possibilities: 1: I stay in iron bear, but that is slow and does not activate charging or 2: I run around and charge the crystals but can’t finish a single one because I die from 2-3 shots.
Great… (any tips/tricks are welcomed :wink: )


Update for me: Just finished the takedown with a friend Mayhem 10! It was super fun! The crystals at the first gate frustrated me but got passed it. The rest was really easy to me. The lack of checkpoints does make it frustrating a few changes can make it more fun for others.

Also pic for proof just in case.

  1. What pistol is that?

  2. The crystals: like the enemies were extra difficult, or because you sort of have to stand your ground while fighting them?

  3. RIP pet

  1. Beacon from BoB

  2. Yeah basically the second, the second crystal part with the Guardians spawning but figured oh Red Fang Gammaburst bonehead! xD

  3. Yeah :frowning: as soon as I celebrated the victory I notice Peni my Spiderant was down. Though she was a brave warrior!

I just returned to Guardian Takedown after ignoring it for awhile. Died while first boss was down to its last immunity phase. I found myself just staring at the screen deciding whether the reward vs effort warranted restarting and just bagged it. The weapon rewards aren’t all that great and, frankly, I’m glad for that because I’d probably keep banging my head against the wall trying to get them if they were. Just two more checkpoints, dividing the takedown into 4 sections instead of 2, would tip the balance for me to keep trying. As it is, I’ll leave it be.

I play on Mayhem 10. Unlike Mayhem 1.0 where it made sense to dip in and out of Mayhem, it just doesn’t make sense to ever lower or turn off Mayhem now. It’s akin to playing the story in Normal Mode when you’re over leveled. None of your rewards are useful because they are lower than your typical playing level. I have completed the Takedown once at a lower level so I could get a feel for it, but there’s little sense in doing it over and over at that lower level.


You have to enter the crystal charge pad on foot as moze for it to start charging. Once it’s going you can get back in IB and it will keep charging


Ive solod on m10 as well…feeling like rambo on the crystal phases. I agree with a well balanced setup it can be done. And same thing for drops i get ascelpes and lightspeed from the first boss…nothing yet from the final. Its a time investment for sure cutting down the guardians like a champ jaw clenched like an old school arcade just for a ledge that has to be hit perfect to take you down. I like the takedown…having a balanced build is necessary and the payoff of accomplishment is rewarding to a point. Ledge-boss with no reward and final boss dropping only garbage is my only complaint

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Use the Rocketeer com in the crystal charging sections. Makes sure you have Corrosive Sabot Rounds and Capacitive Armature (not sure if spelled that right).

With those two get into Iron Bear and move near the area where you charge the crystal and make sure it is a spot that gives Iron Bear a clear shot at the portals where enemies spawn from.
Exit Iron Bear and get on the charging square.

Iron Bear should be killing most of the guardians that spawn from the portals and you only have to deal with any enemies that survive and get too close. By the time the crystal charges, you should be able to use Iron Bear again and he should still be active via Auto-Bear due to the Rocketeer com.

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The gtd is now super easy with dlc3 weapons. And the updated scaling for action skills

Id say flakk has it the hardest… And by hardest i mean has to do actual shooting

I agree. I hate the jump puzzles so i will never even bother with this takedown.


try stinger fl4k, a melee build that kills even without meleeing (or shooting). Just spam rakks and everything dies, much like a glitch bloodwing build back in BL1

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While I did it without too much difficulty in M10 with an OP build, I’ll agree that this takedown is ridiculous (at least the 1 player version of it). The only way you can do it solo is by bringing forth a build so OP that the rest of the game is a breeze with it.

As long as such a build is the apex of synergies and good equipment and not one that uses exploits or bugs, I’d say props to the devs for creating spot on difficulty.
If players didn’t consider platforms and crystals annoying it would be very good content.