Guardian Takedown just impossible

Farming in BL2, although a chore, seemed rewarding. I didn’t mind killing a guy 20 times for him to finally drop that legendary. In this game killing a guy 20 times just seems painful. I don’t know if it’s the anointments, crowded loot pools, or both, but I just don’t like it.

I also miss tubby enemies. They barely exist in this game. In BL2 I was excited when I saw a tubby and hoped for that pearlescent or class mod I was searching for to drop. In BL3 you get that legendary to drop and then it’s a Zane barrier status effect anointed item instead of the moze one you were looking for so you feel like you just wasted two hours.


Not saying it’s not worth the money :wink:

It could just be 100x better.

I’m still enjoying BL2, this one got stale really fast.
Mayhem 2.0 made it even worse.


It’s annointments…

it’s kind of a cheap way to keep you farming…

Bad idea on weapons…why not have class mods that add that bonus…

Or not have it at all…


I wanna know who the first person was to mention adding them to trinkets. This could have been the biggest QoL improvement in BL franchise history.


That’s been punted as a solution since pretty early in the game’s life. I was banging on at least a year ago and I wasn’t the first.

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Anointments should just be rerollable. Make it espensive like really expensive, like 90 milion in game value, 7k eridium, whatever but a way to spend eridium and money that are absolutely redundant from the moment you finish your SDU


I think the redux mod did what was needed for this game…

Weapon balance, weapon quality balance (they removed white weapons and replaced them with pearl) removed anoinments, overhauled mayhem scaling and more

Hopefully the guys at GBX will try the mod and do what needs to be done.

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how you liking dem redux dots

Guardian takedown is impossible for me I have done it a dozen times I made it to anathema twice and died there both times I am beating my head against a brick wall even tried turning off mayhem still died I give up

if you want tips, might help posting character, weapons, classmods, shield, build and such :wink:

i always died because if missed a platform :sweat_smile:

first time fighting anathema i got lucky getting a second wind after i jumped to the wrong platform :joy: then died countless times… again, platforms! and first time going up against scourge… won hahaha

if you’re dying because of the bubble… watch the health/armor/shield bar, notice the segments… when nearing the end of one, start planning the jump to a safe platform (platforms with a red beam will kill you) so takes some quick decision making though…

oooooor make sure you can get out of FFYL (shock weapon prefered seeing most enemies around you have shield bars)

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I keep stuffing up the platform jumps so have only beaten it 3 times. An infinity pistol, life stealing and a company man keeps my ammo stocks high for the end fight if I manage to nail the jumps.

Moze heat exchanger tizzy bear cub madcap

ah, an other infinity user :slight_smile:

a rare breed :rofl:

if you get on with +damage and + fire rate (scope not realy needed but i do have one with a scope) and some more damage increase it’s a pretty good weapon (on zane i hardly ever use ammo seeing my drone does decent debuffs and clone is shredding) and seeing my killskills are allways topped off… it has insane fire rate

my first GTD victory was with a drone/dome build and 2 infinity pistols :rofl:

Yes. I noticed that whenever I’m really low on ammo during the crystal phases the Guardians usually drop something that replenishes it almost to full. Never really stopped to check what it is but I’ve noticed this quite often.

I don’t mean to be snarky but if you’re running out of ammo THAT soon into the takedown then your main problem is probably your itemisation. To give you a point of reference, personally I’m using a shotgun - not exactly a weapon with the biggest ammo reserve in the game and on top of that it consumes 2 ammo per shot so it’s not the most economic either. With all this, I literally never run into any ammo problems even on TGT mode.

Lure him close to one of the corners so that when he starts charging his sphere up it doesn’t cover the whole platform and you can comfortably wait it out in the opposite corner. This fight is really easy dude.

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No PvE content in a primarily solo, story based game should ever require multiple people. They literally already have difficulty scaling built into the game concerning multiple people in a session. Why force multiplayer?

I never played even 1 second of coop in BL3…

In most games i played before i had pretty bad luck :rofl: (D3 for example the lowest items on the AH where still better then the crap i found haha)

BL3… I already did everything solo (apart frol TGTD)

Even solo’d the raid boss on my first try and didn’t even took the best gear for it :rofl::rofl:

Problem is, they scaled weapons… And because of that there’s not much use playing anything but M10/11


I hadn’t tried this crapfest for many, many months, but as I approached $2B in cash, I decided to spend my money dying at the Guardian Breach. Previously I never made it past Anathema, always dying by falling off the platform or getting killed by the radiation bubble. Tonight I finally passed him, only dying twice. Once immediately after fast traveling to the location when I turned the wrong way and fell off the map and the second after getting Anathema to his final health bar I hit a jump pad at a bad angle and flew off into the void.

Anyway, finally beat Anathema and then beat Scourge (first try-no dying on MH 10) (Scourge is way easier than Anathema).

It took nearly two hours. And for all of my trouble, the best thing I got out of the whole thing was a room decoration dropped by Scourge. That’s it. No Guardian Takedown gear whatsoever. Of course Scourge did drop the nearly impossible to find Linoge and Gunnerang, Awesome.

At least I now have that damn unfinished quest out of the way so I won’t see the damn notice always telling me to go to Minos Prime.


I’m guessing you didn’t play BL2

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What in BL2 requires multiple people? There are certainly some fights that are really tough , but the whole game and DLCs can be beaten solo. I’ve done so, and I’ve never played co-op, ever. And while I’m good I’m certainly not the best, and many players better than me absolutely thrash every boss in the game solo.