Guardian Takedown Loot...What's the point?

Guardian Takedown is a LONG fight…

Hardest in the game…most challenging

Yet is absolutely…bar none…the WORST for rewards in this game compared to time spent.

Makes absolutely ZERO sense. In a game where the loot has flowed like rain recently.

Guardian Takedown rewards…after a 65 minute session on my new Zane figuring things out…

At Level 72 M11 no less. Supposedly the most “rewarding” level one can play it.

All of…wait for it…drum roll please

Anethema = two Legendarys one a Stinger
Scourge = two Legendarys one a Smog

They took the time to fix the stupid platforming after the second set of crystals and it appears they have done absolutely ZILCH with the rewards…go figure…

I mean the equipment itself is…just OK…not even best in class.

A fight like this needs a loot explosion on the scale of the Dragons…with just a crap ton of possible GREAT gear.

Wotan has that and is GREAT!!

Anethema and Scourge just…suck for loot. sorry to put it so bluntly but it is what it is.

I mean GB…Do you want people to play this content…or not?

And make no mistake…it’s GOOD content!

But for that length of time…and the difficulty level involved…compared to rewards given…

It’s …BAD!

@VaultHunter101 I have no idea who from GB is monitoring this stuff but can you pass this info to someone…ANYONE in the chain who might bring this up to the Devs.

Because right now…that fight is a totally ONE AND DONE experience.


While I agree with your overall assessment, the Stinger is in fact one of the strongest offensive shields in the game.
A lot of builds use it, combined with a ASS anoint, an UTD and some investment nothing in the game can withstand it.

Well, I have done it maybe two times one before and one after the platforming fix.
I dont really think it is hard right now, could run through it with uRad Moze using Plasma Coil and Free Radical.

Anyway, Wotan drops a lot more loot than both bosses so I think a fix would be very welcome.

Personally, I only did It for the head cosmetic to match my Wontan head in the room. While I do Maliwan Takedown every Season for loot, as I want some good Kybs and Moonfires. Tiggs are also welcome.

There is no reason to farm Guardian Takedown. Get any Stinger so you can Exploit it and you are basically done.

Why take time and effort at guardian takedown when you can get lucky during arms race get a plasma coil. Tbh no one has been able to give me a decent answer to that question besides ( They like the extra challenge)

If that’s the case why don’t they use Quest items and see how fun that is :upside_down_face: but no people like guns that go Brrrrr and end everything in sight with 0 skill or effort lol

I would be totally OK with a Guardian Takedown if it did a loot splosion like the Dragons did in BL2

Add in a bunch of great gear as possible drops.

Hell, buff a bunch of Uniques and throw them in too!!

The reward is PITIFUL for the time and effort spent.

It’s excellent content ….that nobody is playing because of that simple, fixable fact


You said it yourself. It makes Zer0 sense.

Do not sit idle
Challenge is your true reward
Encourages strength

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Love it buuuuut


25 years Airborne Rangers. I got a belly full of challenges during that time.

When I play a video game I want to blow ■■■■ up and have fun!

AND be rewarded for my time.

This great content is totally and easily fixable for a minimum of effort.

If they will do the Nike thing and “just do it”


I’m totally in agreement. Games should be accessible. And while this isn’t nearly as bad as the endgame of BL2 and their OP levels, the same/lower reward levels for more difficult/time consuming content is a poor strategy for loot distribution.

I just couldn’t resist the joke.


It was a good joke and worth it :joy:

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Just tip moxxi and you are good to go.

Speed runs… There are more reasons to play than just gear. I have all the gear, but I continue to play, daily. Beating my previous times is a game in and of itself.

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Rewards are subjective. My rewards for completing the Takedowns are how fast I can do it… Not the gear that the bosses drop… :man_shrugging:

Absolutely….rewards ARE subjective.

That’s why it’s important in a game like this to make rewards come in so many different ways.

And a LOT of them.

Personally I’m happy for you that you enjoy speed running the takedown! However I don’t see any reason to do so myself (unless using Unique builds)

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BL3 gives the most rewards of any BL game, ever… :man_shrugging:

The thing is, most people post stuff from their perspective only, and think that there are no other answers… They make statements instead of giving their point of view. If you have all the gear, but enjoy the game, you do things like speed runs.

GTD doesn’t though. You can do MTD in 7-10 minutes and get 3-4x the loot drops that you do from GTD in 20. Kinda makes it so that GTD is only really run for the challenge. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but would it hurt your enjoyment of the content if it gave more and/or higher quality loot?


In a similar vein, at this point I don’t play the game anymore as I find it tedious and boring.

For me, it’s the useless world drop stuff compared to some of the dlc gear such as plasma coil, and the blah blah blah of various required conversations.

Welcome to BL3 … Another question , why wotan can loot A LOT of legendaries when you breaking his legs but why GTD give you literraly nothing ? Another mistery to resolve


Exactly my point. And I think since this is a loot shooter the vast majority of perspectives expect the highest level content in the game to be the most rewarding not only in the pleasure of accomplishing it, but also in the pleasure of receiving loot.

Not for a Guardian Takedown it seems. I can name 3 other fights that are instantly more rewarding in BL 2

Heck even Dexi …as long as that fight is…is arguablely more rewarding. And the old standby Terra as well.

Even a sub Raid fight like the Sorcerer had a better loot splosion.

This is not knocking your getting satisfaction from completing the content. There is certainly that aspect.

It’s simply pointing out that in a loot shooter…it s so very odd that literally the hardest content in this game…that takes the longest to complete…rewards the least.

I say again….makes ZERO sense.