Guardian Takedown Loot...What's the point?

You can’t compare BL2 loot pool with BL3 they way you’ve presented it. I mean you can, but it’s ultimately irrelevant because all you need to do to get the best gear in the game is have a few diamond keys and loot the diamond room. Grab a Plasmacoil, whatever grenade mod suits your fancy, and a shield for s and g’s. The use 5 keys on the first Vaultcard to get a Super Soldier shield. Repeat whenever you feel like it.

At that point, most other gear is just something you came across and looks like fun. Basically, you make farming in this game fairly nonexistent with how easy it is to get the best legendary gear in the game as long as you have access to sanctuary. So a loot pool on a raid boss is just there to be there.

After saying all that… I completely agree that the Guardian Takedown raid boss loot pools suck. Gearbox really needs to figure out the meta weapons prior to finalizing a game. Then put the best of the best behind the hardest content. And they need to have a higher penalty than 5 keys to get the best gear in the game from a Vaultcard.

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Well, for the sake of argument…no it’s not irrelevant because you could do the same or similar at Torgue vendors for a Harold.

Both games have their own easier way of doing things.

But I agree with you that BL3 is “easier”…

And I totally agree with your last paragraph.

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MTD probably have the base game drop rates while GTD have the DLC drop rates.


I have very little issues with the Guardian Takedown. The environments are great, the challenge is great (Maliwan Takedown is a bit too easy unless I do a True version), the bosses are well designed, Anathema’s lootpool (Stinger & Lightspeed) is really good, it’s completely optional past the first time unlike DigiPeak (which I seriously started hating because of it being forced if you wanted to reach higher OP levels)…but it seriously hurts when you finish a run and get a Webslinger from scourge or just a single legendary from Anathema.

Out of my 10 or so runs of the Takedown, I would argue only 2-3 were worth it (in terms of good loot rewards), which is pretty bad. Give me a big lootexplosion like with Valkyries and Wotan with both a M6 exclusive + dedicated loot and I would have a reason to play it aside from the challenge.

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I did it just once to experience it and never went back , the bosses are aren’t bad but the map layout , the loop gameplay with opening doors, crystals and trash are just too much time to waste for rewards that to me are mediocre at best. I prefer the Malewan takedown a lot better , I actually use that and the slaughter house to test builds


Yeah I’ve always felt some extra loot at the end would be nice. Some red chests that digistruct in (like in Haderax’s arena in BL2) or in a side treasure room or even just some extra lootsplosions around the arena. Would probably end up being a bunch of world drop junk but hey maybe a decent artifact or COM would be mixed in.

But anyway, that all said, I just play that takedown just for the boss fights (especially Anathema, I love the mechanics of it plus the fight music is bangin’). I don’t have any builds that use the Stinger or anything so I don’t do it for the loot. It’s definitely much more palatable now that they swapped the last floating platforms for jump pads.


Guardian Takedown screams PEARLESCENT drops!


Obviously not lol
The extreme sadistic difficulty with no reward whatsoever is why I personally will NEVER attempt this takedown, and I know others feel the same, it’s simply a waste of time

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“Extreme sadistic difficulty”


Is that what you hear? Because all I hear is “MAKE ALL DEDICATED DROP CHANCES AT LEAST 20%”. Like, it’s so loud, my ears are bleeding.